Double Land

What Is Double Land?

Double Land has been designed as the very first game that can simulate the real-world economy on the blockchain technology. It has been designed as a unique MMO Economic Blockchain Game that has an exciting story. It is where you are able to develop your own business, train efficiently in order to build an economic and also business operation, while you do all this you are earning some money.

The token that is used as a currency on this platform is the DC coin. It is important to note that Double Land is not your ordinary business simulation, instead it has been designed as a remarkable world where people find themselves in the near future. After the collapse of fiat money, the only economic infrastructure that was able to survive is the cryptocurrency.

The platform has been designed in a way various individuals are able to develop their own services and products. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to find sales and capture it all with profits. But this is not all, as much as the platform is designed as a game simulation you are still able to trade the Double Coin on the real stock exchanges.

Double Land DC Token ICO Details

The company has a private token sale that is coming soon. The company carries out a preliminary sale of the double coin. So if you invest in the early stages just before the coin doubles expect to make huge profits, the preliminary sale starts from 15 May 2018 to 31 May 2018, the goal is to reach 20,000,000 USD.

Double Land Economic Blockchain Game Simulation Features

Designed With Graphics And Intelligence

The Double Land game is based on two main factors, that is intelligence and graphics. The economists have developed the economic model of the game from the Academy of Sciences. As a result, it is able to provide the users with a first-class visual component that only comes from the best designers in the market.

The Real Economy = Crypto Economy

The model of this particular game has been built on general economic equilibrium; it is the perfection of the current economic model. Thus, the laws of life are able to work in the game; as a result, being able to earn has never been made more exciting than this.

The Game Currency Is Still Cryptocurrency

The game is the very first project in the market where the currency used in the game is not only used solely for entertainment on the platform. It is actually a real currency that you can trade on most of the world-class exchanges.

The Game Educates

The game has not only been designed to admired the world of Double Land and help you earn money, but there is also more to it. You are able to learn economics and also the economic thinking; it is all thanks to the in-built creation of the in-game academies and various courses. It is not all play while on the platform there are a few things that you will also learn along the way.

When There Is Game Growth, There Is Currency Growth

With the growth taking place in the games, so does the economy grow; as a result, this will lead to the overall increase of the Double Coin. When the token takes a sudden rise in the market, so do the players on the platform, a win-win kind of situation.

Double Land Conclusion

The Double Land has found an innovative way to keep investors interested in their product, creating a game that not only helps you earn but also educates you along the way. A platform you should consider to exploit.

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