Doubler Zone is a no-bones-about-it “Bitcoin doubler” scheme, even saying so quite clearly on its website. Offering investment packages to members, Doubler Zone supposedly uses high-tech algorithms to analyze the Bitcoin market, using investor funds to trade successfully on their behalf. The truth, of course, is something else entirely – as you’ll see below.

What Is DoublerZone?

Doubler Zone provides a full page on its site dedicated to the staff that supposedly runs the company. However, the names listed are all false – and the photos that accompany these names are from stock photo image websites. These photos are also used elsewhere across the internet for a number of different businesses – and with different names associated with them, thus proving the fact that the Doubler Zone “team” is completely fabricated.

Doubler Zone says it’s based in the UK and has a Companies House certification to prove this, but the address listed, and the name of the primary registrant, are unverifiable. Additionally, the site’s registration data does not provide us with any clues as to who really owns the company, as it was registered in June of 2017 under a private domain registration service. Alexa site info analysis indicates the site gets most of its traffic from Pakistan, making it likely but not confirming the company actually operates from that country.

As always, we warn against getting involved with any company that isn’t truthful with you from the very beginning.

DoublerZone Product

Doubler Zone’s services are simple: you give them money (in the form of Bitcoin) and after a set amount of time, you get double your investment back. Interest is paid at an hourly rate of 20% until the total accrued ROI hits 200%; minimum investments are 0.05 BTC and maximum deposits are no greater than 5 BTC.

Doubler Zone also claims to provide “financial investment training” to anyone who deposits Bitcoin into its system. However, there’s no evidence of this actually occurring.

DoublerZone Opportunity

In addition to being able to double your money, Doubler Zone also offers a recruitment compensation scheme as well. Members who refer new investors receive 10% of that new investor’s deposit as a commission bonus.

DoublerZone Verdict

Doubler Zone claims to be able to double your deposit because it’s using incredibly complex algorithms and trade systems in order to do so. However, there’s no real verifiable evidence to back up these claims, which means the only obvious source of revenue for the company is investor deposits.

This also means that the only way Doubler Zone can pay the 200% ROI on deposits is to use money provided to it by new investors. This is, of course, why the company encourages recruitment, as it relies upon a constant stream of new revenue to keep its older investors happy.

What happens when Doubler Zone needs to pay out more in ROI than it takes in through new investments? The entire company stops paying out on all deposits and instead simply keeps the money in its system, disappearing overnight.

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  1. Yup, just sent a small amount just to test if they are going to pay. They did pay the first transaction. after depositing for a 2nd and 3rd transaction, no payouts were received. Don’t fall for this. Its a scam


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