What Is Douchebag Token?

Douchebag Tokens (DBT) will be a great way to show friends how you think of them. Each month, a major douchebag will get DBT from the project’s creative team plus a prize. The tokens can be used in the DBT marketplace to buy Douchebag Gear for a douchebag you know. There will be a lot from which you can pick.

DBT tokens are a fun and friendly way to enjoy life with your friends and coworkers. You can send the DBT to that one friend who always gives you a hard time. Then you can let them find out what exactly they received from you. You can even set a pool aside at work and see who will get the most DBT. You can collect as much DBT from friends and thank them for buying that Douchebag t-shirt or hat that you wear when you see them.

How Douchebag Token Cryptocurrency Spoof Works

Top Do Development (TDD) created the DBT tokens. This company uses Bitcoin and altcoins as the only accepted payment. They want to move the world from centralized payments and allow the spread of wealth to the masses. Douchebag Tokens are a great way to introduce crypto to newbies. For the veterans, it is still a lot of fun.

DBT can be used at DBT events and in the TDD marketplace. There are no other uses that have been planned thus far. However, users are at liberty to use them for whatever else they want. You can even use them to quit your job by giving the boss DBT.

Douchebag DBT Token & ICO Details

The DBT tokens are ERC 20 tokens that were created for fun. They can be used with other cryptos to make purchases on the TDD marketplace. There is no assurance that this tokens will rise in price after their release.

As with any crypto, there is risk involved in the purchase of the tokens. They are not designated nor designed to work like securities. There is no implied expectation that their price will grow. The funds from the token sale will be used to develop TDD further.

TDD has planned a pre-sale and a token sale. They will then make the remaining tokens open for purchase of the site.

Token Distribution

  • Total Tokens: 500,000,00 DBT
  • Pre-sale: 187,500, 000 DBT
  • Token Sale: 224, 000,000 DBT
  • Purchaser’s Reserve: 75, 000,000 DBT
  • Bounty: 12,500,000 DBT
  • Founders: 1,000,000 DBT
  • Pre-Sale price: 1 ETH= 6500 DBT

Main Sale Price:

  • Week 1- 1ETH = 6000 DBT
  • Week 2- 1ETH = 5500 DBT
  • Week 3- 1ETH = 5250 DBT
  • Pre-sale start: Live
  • Pre-sale end: June 1
  • Token sale Start: June 1
  • Token sale end: July 27

Douchebag Token Conclusion

TDD is also developing a price-fluctuation algorithm that shows the current price of the accepted crypto to help facilitate the even prices of products. This algorithm will be used to stabilize the current crypto market, which is quite volatile.

With the algorithm, the marketplace will set the price of a product in fiat and that will fluctuate with the market. There is no worry that all crypto will go down and products will become worthless.

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