MarketWatch is the designated publishing unit that exclusively reports to the Dow Jones Media Group. Its role is to watch various cryptocurrencies to ensure safety and balance in the cryptocurrency in the community. This past Wednesday, they announced that their tracking system would add eight more cryptocurrencies to their records. MarketWatch has been in the industry since 2014, so it has spent several years tracking important data from different platforms.

The information reported will include the details of ether, XRP, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ether classic, monero, dash and zcash. All the quotes will be updated in real time, allowing the consumer to view this information in both the US dollar and the euro. With data from Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, the user will also see the evolving price trends that have impacted the nine crypto-assets.

The general manager of MarketWatch, Dan Shar, released a statement to explain the change and their expectations: “It's no doubt that our readers, as the world's savviest investors, have an eye on digital currency and we're happy to be expanding our real-time tracking of a total of 9 cryptocurrencies in both euros and USD, with Kraken's help.”

While historically the cryptocurrency and crypto-assets in the industry have remained untracked, the Dow Jones Media Group has only gravitated towards the testing of the blockchain in the last few days. Along with these efforts, the Group has also started focusing on their developing startup called Brave. Brave’s purpose is to focus on privacy in web browsers. This program will be essential to test out the blockchain platform. Between the two firms, consumers will use Brave for digital advertising, while Dow Jones Media Group and MarketWatch become verified publishers.

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