With the prevalence we are witnessing in SaaS innovations, the growth often coincides with that of the blockchain. Often these two technologies combine from different useful variations that make great usefulness to both the service provider and customers.

DOX.Network is an example of a Software-as-a-service platform that incorporates blockchain technology to allow for a revolutionary model for SMEs and large corporations alike. In return, DOX. The network hopes the use of blockchain will ensure value for the users regarding the whole system instead of a centered official. Here's how the blockchain system and the economic SaaS model combine for the perfect innovation.

What Is DOX.Network?

DOX network is a decentralized blockchain SaaS and API platform with the goal of applying blockchain technology to establish a sharing economy model. With the SaaS scene shifting to a peer-to-peer model, DOX.Network hopes to bring forth a platform for individual SaaS providers and contributors to offer their professional expertise on cloud resources to individuals in need. To just put it, the DOX.Network aims to promote a universally accessibility and utilization of all levels of SaaS software (software, cloud data storage, cloud computing and currency exchange) among the general public.

How DOX.Network Decentralized SaaS Blockchain Works

  • Ethereum-based- DOX.Network works under the Ethereum blockchain to ensure a cryptographically verifiable code administers the client's data history for transparency and auditing
  • Full user validation- each transaction in the ecosystem, records on the DOX core for validation and as a security measure
  • Digital identity- DOX.Network users will get to create a virtual character for token operations
  • Cryptography and security models to guarantee the security of data under implementation

DOX.Network Benefits

DOX Network use of blockchain technology for SaaS implementation showcases better identification and authentication among its users. Consequently, this could lead to the following benefits

  • No charge-backs as each transaction on DOX Network is fully verifiable and consensual
  • Security of the data is a full guarantee thanks to the advanced measures on DOX network
  • The potential future growth of DOX network and use of the DOX token due to the rising demand for SaaS services


DOX.Network DOX Token ICO Details

  • Token symbol- DOX
  • Model- ERC20 token
  • Total distribution supply_ 60 million DOX
  • Hard Cap- 30,000 ETH
  • Price rate- 1ETH=1000 DOX
  • Minimum investment requirement- 0.1 ETH

DOX.Network provides for a token sale plan with four rounds of distribution namely,

  • Pre-sale-45% of the token supply with a 50% bonus from 4th April till 10th May 2018.
  • Stage 1- 30% bonus with a provision of 26%
  • Stage 2-comprise of 18% of the token distribution and a 20% bonus
  • Stage 3- provides a 10% bonus for the last 11% of the tokens

Funds Allocation

  • 35%- marketing, promotions and user acquisition
  • 30%-development team
  • 10%- legal compliance
  • 15%-management and operations of the DOX token ecosystem
  • 10%- reserve funds

DOX.Network Conclusion

In contrast, DOX Network offers a new avenue for applications on harmonizing the future of our data. The creation of the blockchain and SaaS coalition for more decentralized access for users presents a thriving technology which could diversify consumer applications. Hopefully, the DOX Network could provide for a formidable transformation to dislodging the incumbent insecure SaaS system. The decentralized economic sharing model is a sure future endeavors that is gaining traction, and it is imperative to take notice of it.

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