HBO’s Game of Thrones Fantasy TV show enjoys an unprecedented support around the world. An ambitious team of developers have come up with a new blockchain product that looks to tap the support of the millions of GoT fanatics around the world to turn an online virtual reality game into a money minting blockchain machine.

The idea behind DracarysCoin is to develop a one-of-a-kind standalone decentralized cloud space for Game of Thrones. The game runs on Ethereum’s blockchain and is available to individuals who have DracarysCoin (DRX).

What Is DracarysCoin?

The online game DracarysCoin is expected to launch towards the end of 2018. The company behind the game is on a mission to create a completely decentralized platform that thousands or even millions of Game of Thrones fans and enthusiasts can experience a fantastic world of ice and fire. The game leverages the power of blockchain to provide the players with great fantasies, magic, culture intrigue, and a way to reenact great deeds.

Players of DracarysCoin can consider the game a platform where they get to plunge into a realistic atmosphere of the Middle Ages to explore the story as told in the Game of Thrones universe. The best thing about the experience on this gaming environment is that it is multi-player, features the latest virtual reality innovations, and runs on a solid, fast, Ethereum blockchain platform.

How DracarysCoin Game Of Thrones Fantasy TV Project Works

The merger of two completely different worlds – that of Game of Thrones and a decentralized blockchain internet platform is an efficient way for DracarysCoin to generate valuable cryptocoins called DRX. Players of the game will be rewarded with DracarysCoin (DRX), the same coins that grant them access to the Ethereum blockchain the game runs on.

Once a user has access to the game and platform, they will have free reign to explore and enjoy the Game of Thrones universe, plunging into the dramatic ancient Europe atmosphere. By playing the game and advancing the story and interacting with other players of the game, the player executes the proof-of-work that the blockchain needs to dispense coin rewards and add verified blocks to the chain.

The strategy of the blockchain Game of Thrones game by DracarysCoin is to win over kingdoms through conquest and strategy. The player strives to become the king of the iron throne and will need DRX currency to raise armies, raise dragons, and conduct trade with neighboring clans to get closer to the throne.

DracarysCoin DRX ICO Details

The DracaryCoin game is under development and is expected to launch sometime later in 2018. Sale of tokens begins on 9th March. Here are the details of the DracaryCoin token sale.

  • Currency name: DracarysCoin (DRX)
  • Blockchain protocol: Ethereum ERC20
  • Total coin supply: 250 million
  • Tokens for sale: 137.5 million unsold tokens will be burned)
  • Soft cap: $5 million US
  • Accepted currency: ETH
  • Initial price: 1 ETH = 1500 DRX
  • Minimum Individual Contribution: 0.5 ETH

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