Dream Touch Global

Dream Touch Global is a company based in India that is developing products for entrepreneurs to sell through what it calls “referral marketing.” In other words, it is a classic pyramid scheme. Many of this company's products are vitamins or herbal supplements, which are likely subject to lax quality control regulations and could be particularly dangerous if users rely on them to control their medical conditions.

Dream Touch Global Team

Dream Touch Global is led by Dr. A.R. Raja; the company provides no biography or pictures of Dr. Raja on the website, but he can be seen pitching the company in several YouTube videos. No other founders or team members are identified, and the company provides no history of itself or timeline of its plans for development. The company states that it is based in Hyderabad.

The company's Facebook page has only 230 followers, but one of the YouTube videos of Dr. Raja's pitch has received over 65,000 views. Links to the company's social media pages on its website's footer are broken, and simply direct back to the “Company Overview” page. The company has not received any coverage from publications readily found on the internet.

Dream Touch Global Crypto-Related Network Marketing Biz Products

The homepage of Dream Touch Global's website claims that the company is still in development, but it appears to be fully operational, with all of its products available for sale.

The company's primary line of products are herbal supplements. Some claim to be extracts from familiar plants such as green tea and aloe vera, while others claim to balance hormones or boost users' metabolisms. Most of the product descriptions begin with the line “X is an herbal supplement based on pure Ayurvedic science.” None of these products list their ingredients or explain their quality control measures, and some of then make very bold claims about powerful medical effects; for example, Dia Spray claims to control diabetics' blood sugar. Dream Touch Global's herbal products could be very dangerous, and the company needs to do much more to guarantee quality.

The company also sells two agricultural products, Jackpot and Jackpot Gel, which claim to increase the yield and quality of crops when added to soil; as with the herbal supplements, no ingredients are listed. The strangest products that the company offers are Fuel Saver, which claims to improve both fuel efficiency by 20 to 30 percent in both gasoline and diesel engines, and Radi safe, a product designed to guard against carcinogenic radiation from mobile phones.

Dream Touch Global's website also links to a site which seems to offer a wide variety of products for sale, including clothing, jewelry, and electronics. This shopping website is not explained on Dream Touch Global's main website, and seems unrelated to the products depicted on for sale through the “referral marketing” program. The site seems to need a great deal of work – its connection is not secured, and images are placed on top of each other.

Dream Touch Global Service Details

Dream Touch Global sells its line of wellness products directly to its “franchise owners,” who in turn try to sell the products among their personal friends, and ideally recruit these friends to become business partners. The top sellers are rewarded with gifts such as cruises, but most participants will find themselves stuck with products they can't sell.

Dream Touch Global Verdict

As with all pyramid schemes, the people at the top of Dream Touch Global could earn a decent passive income, but it will be on the backs of those at the bottom. Pyramid schemes prey on wishful individuals who dream of owning their own business, and are excited when an investment they can afford finally comes along. The vast majority of participants in these marketing schemes lose money, and it is best to avoid them.

There is absolutely a demand for quality herbal therapies blended using traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, but Dream Touch Global is using the term to sell products that may not be safe for human consumption. Until this company clearly lists all the ingredients they use and demonstrates a serious commitment to quality control, users simply should not ingest its products.

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