Singapore based blockchain startup DREP Foundation just announced MOUs with Ziggurat and to increase on-chain offerings for commercial deployment.

DREP Foundation is devoted to building a scale-out, secure and decentralized infrastructure, as well as a reputation protocol to accelerate DApps’ user growth and traffic mechanism. DREP solutions empower platforms to solve their pain points, restructure their value ecosystem and facilitate their transition and acceleration, especially among content platforms and tool platforms. The “Decentralized Reputation System” deployed in DREP service layer aims to quantify and monetize reputation value and use it for trading, making investments, sharing data and providing services for platforms. is a profitable VC-backed startup founded in 2014, licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board, is the creator of the TriipMiles travel utility token. With the decentralized model, TriipMiles not only simplifies the operations but also empowers the community worldwide to create more jobs in the travel industry. Tokenization helps to align interests and build a sustainable tourism ecosystem. The platform now has 1.8M+ hotel rooms in 228 countries and 6000 authentic local experiences (“triips”) in 100 countries.

On the other hand, Ziggurat offers IP certification and protection to content creators on their blockchain, Zig Ledger. Being a member of global open source blockchain project Hyperledger and having strategic partnerships with companies like Alibaba Cloud, the company has established four blockchain research facilities. DREP Foundation will integrate Ziggurat’s IP protection service into their on-chain offering to internet platforms.

DREP Foundation as a technology enabler is trying to provide a well-designed product addressing e-commerce platforms pain points and helping increase participant engagement and quality contribution, which in turn can help create a more efficient and quality service platform. This partnership allows the three companies to provide necessary blockchain solutions in the field of a decentralized reputation for travel relevant platforms.

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