Drgnfly ICO (DFLY Token)

What is Drgnfly (DFLY Token)?

According to the DRGNFLY platform, the paradigm of the world has shifted. And it’s all because of the emergence of Cannabis in the world. Cannabis is one of the most lucrative industries there is, and it’s basically making a new economy along with cryptocurrency. DRGNFLY saw the opportunity and seized it by creating a token based on the sales and production of cannabis. For anyone who is interested in getting started with the company, there is a whitepaper on the platform and you an also join the pre-sale ICO.

How Does Drgnfly Work?

Through the use of blockchain technology, the perception around cannabis is changing. The world is literally starting to look at the substance in a new light. And DRGNFLY is the blockchain company that is seeking to deliver the best cannabis to the country, directly through special delivery without ever having to actually touch the stuff.

The are fueling the supply chain on the platform with immutable used smart contracts. The tokens are used to purchase cannabis and related products, then to use them to greatly scale the company and eventually the industry. There is even an automated retail system that works directly at the point of sale machines.

The reason the platform will be so lucrative is because of the trends that are occurring in the cannabis industry. They are stimulating the growth of new ventures and avenues to entirely new cannabis products, platforms, services and users.

There have been some major problems when it comes to cannabis and its emergence to the public industry. A lack of resources in the retail purchasing experience has put a stop in the production of cannabis related products. And with the cannabis value chain, the industry has become volatile and a bit of a commodity.

When it comes to users, there has been a total lack of consumer support, facing brands that are operating with minimal loyalty that is leading to a lack of customers with heavy purchase power. It keeps escalating in problems, causing a platform that is not unified for any type of digital transactions, a major problem considering the fact that the entire platform is based on digital transactions and currency. Without more support, the company is limited with its power to innovate and meet all regulation requirements and compliance issues.

But this is where DRGNFLY comes into the picture. The company is attempting to truly change the way the industry operates by enriching the experience for the users with advanced cannabis knowledge. All of the cannabis and ingredients used in the products on the platform are platinum certified and wholesome.

The products on the platform are designed to help improve different areas of your life. It can work to actively balance your system, improve your friendships and social connections and hit deep sensations of relaxation. One product is even formulated to completely restore your body, mind and soul. And with the DRGNFLY products, you can count on greatly being able to improve your sense of personal wellbeing.

Drgnfly DFLY Token ICO Information

As of the time of writing Drgnfly DFLY token sale is in pre-sale.

  • Token Symbol = DFLY
  • Hard Cap = $20,000 USD
  • Token Supply = 400,000
  • ICO Price = $0.16 / DFLY

Drgnfly (DFLY Token) in Conclusion

To DRGNFLY, cannabis more than just a plant of compound. Cannabis is an experience and DRGNFLY is designed to help improve every aspect of your membership experience.

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