What Is Dribble?

Dribble is a new blockchain-based payment platform that seeks to revolutionize how buyers pay merchants and private sellers for their products and services and ensuring consumer protection. This will be through Dribble being a mediator of the transaction and enabling buyers to make payments after they have actually received their products.

The platform combines the features of the fiat systems currently available in the market with blockchain technology and the unique features of the platform’s internal token. The combination of these features results in a platform that can be identified as ‘The future of cryptocurrency payments’.

Dribble aims at solving the drawbacks of the current generation fiat systems such as the inability to protect customer’s purchases and provide refunds, fraudulent sellers and the risks brought about by market volatility. The platform will address these challenges by enabling customers to pay post receiving their products, mitigating fraud by acting as an intermediary and protecting seller from the crypto market volatility.

How Dribble Cryptocurrency Commerce Payments Solution Works

The platform provides a payment gateway that enables buyers to pay for their purchases after they have assessed the products. Buyers can pay for the products using fiat currency or the Dribble tokens, which are the platform’s utility token. Payments through the Dribble tokens attract a lower transaction fee compared to when using fiat currency. In addition to using the tokens to pay for products, token owners can sell them in the integrated exchanges or hold them.

Furthermore, Dribble will provide merchants with a way to receive fiat currency from buyers who make payments using the Dribble tokens. This is not only aimed at improving the adoption of the payment gateway but also at protecting the sellers from the market volatility of cryptocurrencies and reducing the risk, they are susceptible to by transacting with the Dribble tokens.

Dribble also has advanced analytics that it obtains from various cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This will provide buyers and sellers with lower exchange fees compared to other platforms offering similar services.

Dribble Advantages


Dribble tokens are one of the few cryptocurrencies that are actually backed by a platform where the tokens are functional. The tokens are also an investment whose value grows as the market grows therefore profiting the investors.


Through the blockchain technology integrated into the Dribble token, decentralization is achieved therefore, no financial institutions such as banks or governments can control the token.


The platform protects buyers from fraudulent merchants as it ensures that sellers only receive their payments after buyers have confirmed what they ordered is what they received.

Zero Volatility

Sellers are protected from the price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market which enables them receive the exact asking price for their products.

Worldwide Usage

The payment platform is compatible with multiple merchants all around the world, which means that buyers and sellers can use the platform from any web shops or local stores around the world.

Dribble DRB Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: DRB
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • PRE ICO Start Date: 16th – June 2018
  • ICO Start Date: TBA
  • Rounds: 1 Pre-ICO + 1 ICO
  • PRE-ICO Round Value: $0,07 (7 cents)
  • funds ICO Round Value: $0,15 (15 cents)
  • Hard Cap: $53,75 MM
  • Accepted Payment methods: BTC, & ETH

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