Do you want to invest in the cryptocurrency market but you don’t want the hassle of having to spend your money on cryptocurrencies individually and you think that it would be nice if you could just profit from this market instead? If this idea sounds good to you, you should our review. The company that we will review today is Driiven.

What Is Driiven?

Driiven presents itself as a “basket of cryptocurrencies”, but it is actually a cryptocurrency index fund. The fund, which is based on HODL5, it equally invests in the Top 5 cryptocurrencies on the market every month.

The company states that if you invested $10,000 USD in it during the beginning of January 2017, you would have $927,504 USD today (or almost $2,000,000 USD if you decided to take your money back when Bitcoin’s price was skyrocketing). The idea of the company is that you are going to be able to enjoy the best of the cryptocurrency market if you invest in this company.

Because the company is changing its assets to mimic the Top 5 of the market every month, unless the whole cryptocurrency market was to crash (which is not going to happen, really), you would be protected from any type of problem.

This company was born from the wish of the developers who built the company to help people to invest in a diversified way because many people still think that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the same thing. Because of this, the company decided to give these people a new option. The owners of the company are Tim Coy and Jonathan Williams, both blockchain developers.

How Driiven HODL5 Crypto Index Fund Beta Access Token Works

The whole idea which is the basis of Driiven is the HODL5 index fund. A HODL5 fund is composed of the Top 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap at a certain moment. There are two types of funds: the HODL5-A funds, which are for accredited investors only and are legally set as hedge funds and the HODL5-N which is for non-accredited investors and will be set as a mutual fund.

This was made to allow any type of investor from any country in the world to invest. Countries like the United States often do not allow non-investors and, because of this, many companies like the ones who promote Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) end up being illegal there.

The choice for a HODL5 fund was taken because it is easier to invest in a “basket of tokens” than to invest in them individually. Each of the Top 5 cryptocurrencies of the market are represented on the company with a 20% share. The fund has an annual management fee of 2%.

How To Invest In Driiven BAC ICO?

Unfortunately, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) promoted by Driiven has already reached its hard cap. The tokens were sold for 0.01 ETH each and you need them to access the platform at this moment. Unfortunately, if you missed your chance, you need to wait until the company is accepting new investors.

Driiven Verdict

Is Driiven a company that you should watch out for? Yes. Even if the ICO of this company has already reached its hard cap, you should watch out for Driiven because this company can be a really good investment for you, so it would be an excellent idea to invest in it if you ever have the chance to do this (and you probably will in the future, as the company probably wants to make more money).

Also, Driiven’s business model is very interesting and worth knowing. This company can offer a very interesting model for other companies who do not want to be victims of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and want to reach a broader market of investors. Diversification of the top cryptocurrencies is, indeed, a great idea.

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