Dripcoin: The Next Crypto For Music Fans And Artists

The rise of cryptocurrency use in the music industry is a fast-rising trend, and the hip-hop scene is especially forming a special relationship with the technology. From making crypto fortune to funding cryptocurrency ventures, rappers are portraying their clear insights, and the next digital currency describes the rise of crypto payments between fans and artists.

What Is Dripcoin?

Dripcoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to harmonize the relationship within the music industry by allowing for a more direct interaction between the different participants within the music industry. The Dripcoi project will allow for music producers, engineer, songwriters, vocalists, and fans to earn from direct revenue from the artists and fans alike. In simple the participants providing services to the artists make income in the form of Dripcoin.

How Dripcoin Blockchain Crypto For Musicians & Artists Works

The Dripcoin ecosystem will consist of three participants mainly artists, fans, and producers in general. The users will first need to purchase Dripcoins and later exchange them for the services, merchandise and events on offer through the platform. Each Dripcoin transaction will work under a smart contract to ensure on the security and transparency of parties in the deal.

Potential Benefits Of Dripcoin

  • Secure- with blockchain technology, the users are sure to get payments without issues on fraud or manipulation of the Dripcoins.
  • Transparent- smart contracts in the Dripcoin transactions allow for both parties to access the full details of the operations fully.
  • Effortless-without the typical agency system and other bureaucratic features, Dripcoin allow for fast and seamless transactions.

Dripcoin ICO And DRP Token Information

  • Token ticker- DRP
  • Token supply- 120 million Dripcoins
  • Price rate- 1 DRP=$0.010 USD
  • Market cap- $12 million

Is Dripcoin A Viable Cryptocurrency?

While there is plenty of hype surrounding Dripcoin, there are warning signs that the project might lean highly on turning to a scam. The cryptocurrency gained attention due to mentions by American Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert but apart from that, there is no other information of any other person in association with it or an ICO for that matter. Whether legit or not is an issue, we should always do a lot of research.


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