Traffic congestion is rising, and as it stands, the streets full to an all-time high. However, with our contemporary lifestyle based on technology, there are plenty of solutions to help with movement. DroneIt is an example of a solution-based on blockchain and IoT to build up Big Data directions. Overall, the DroneIt service will help ease the user's life by assisting them to find out the level of street congestion by just running an app on DroneIt

What Is DroneIt's Approach?

DroneIt's concept comprises of the launching of an automated network of drones which communicate with one another while also analyze congestion level in different parts of the city. The drones take images and examine them using a blockchain-based system to visualize the data in the form of infographics on maps.

Additionally, the user will be able to watch videos of the street congestion analysis. There is also the option of utilizing a unique machine learning service to analyze the best route one can use to reach their desired destination. That is alongside the local transport loading analysis of leisure places

DroneIT Products

The core idea within DroneIt relies on four main platform features:

  1. Mobile App
  2. Web App
  3. API platform
  4. Blockchain system

The operations of DroneIt will have the user access the system through their mobile app or web app depending on their device. On the other hand, business clients will receive a particular API service to enable them to use the collected traffic data for analysis of their customer needs. Lastly, the blockchain system helps build a consensus mechanism for the users through specific actions.

DroneIT Blockchain Based Drone Time Management App Goals

  • Ease the level of mobility within cities through their street analysis mechanism
  • Provide users with an opportunity to increase their productivity by enabling active movement of people, goods or services.
  • The convenience of usage with the additional provision of services for precise and real-time mode traffic congestion analysis.
  • Possible project management means the DroneIt service may experience a possible user increase and activity, presenting enormous perspective for scaling.

DroneIT Verdict

The capability of blockchain technology is building up plenty of attention and coupling it with drones could help solve the problems of street and traffic congestion. However, in DroneIt's concept, there is insufficient information to reassure any investment. There it is best to steer clear and await more information or avoid the ICO as a whole.

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