DropAnswer is the world’s first social media platform where you can post questions, get answers, and earn rewards. Here’s our review.

What Is DropAnswer?

DropAnswer, found online at DropAnswer.social, is a social network where users can ask questions, then other users can answer questions to earn a reward.

DropAnswer is built on blockchain technology. The platform uses a blockchain-based intelligence system to find topics you may be interested in, then sends you weekly updates on those topics.

Overall, DropAnswer aims to be the world’s first information sharing site that allows users to monetize the content they provide. This ensures greater value for those who provide information.

DropAnswer also has a built-in reputation system. You can buy a better reputation using DeeCoins, which are the tokens you earn in exchange for interactions on the platform – including answering questions.

How Does DropAnswer Work?

DropAnswer allows users to ask questions and answer questions, then earn money from their responses. Users can vote on the best responses, which mean the answers with high-quality content receive recognition and a chance to earn money.

The system revolves around use of the DeeCoin. DeeCoin is the base currency of DropAnswer. All members get paid in DeeCoin for posting questions, answers, likes, comments, and upvotes on the platform. The system will only reward those who add something positive to the community while punishing anyone who tries to cheat the system.

Another key feature of DropAnswer is called “Dbooster”, described as “the power of the system”. DropAnswer’s DBooster determines how influential you are on the platform. DBooster cannot be purchased directly. It can only be purchased through DeeCoin on the platform. This is to ensure members share the long-term approach to being on the platform. Anyone who wants to accumulate value in the long-term will need to constantly share, interact, and make posts from time to time. This ensures the long-term viability of the platform.

All purchases and sales on the DropAnswer platform are done through DeeCoin. You can purchase advertisements in DeeCoin, send funds to other people on the platform, or fund your debit card with DeeCoin.

DropAnswer Features

DropAnswer’s key features include all of the following:

Weekly Digest: DropAnswer uses blockchain intelligence to find your interested topics, then send you weekly updates on those topics. You can stay connected with the latest news and questions from your favorite topics.

Ask from Experts: DropAnswer believes its platform will become a way for experts to share information with the world. These experts are already on the internet, but they don’t have an incentive to share information.

Make Friends or Follow Users: You can follow friends or users, then invite those people to your questions.

End to End Encrypted Chat: DropAnswer has an end-to-end encrypted chat system you can use to message other users.

Views: Get a view count for the number of people who have viewed your question.

Privacy: Make your profile private or public to protect your privacy.

Website Wallet: DropAnswer will have an online wallet with DeeCoin. Anyone can use this wallet to send funds within the platform.

Mobile Apps: DropAnswer will be available to download for iOS and Android.

The DropAnswer Token Sale

DropAnswer has scheduled a token sale for DeeCoin tokens. That token sale is scheduled for November 15 to December 15, 2017.

There’s a total supply of 600,000,000 tokens, with 300,000,000 tokens available during the ICO. 1 ETH = 800 DeeCoins during the token sale. The total supply of tokens will increase by 40% per year.

You can purchase tokens using ETH. There’s a minimum transaction amount of 0.1 ETH and no maximum transaction amount. Bonuses of up to 12% are available during the first week of the token sale.

Who’s Behind DropAnswer?

DropAnswer is led by Damian Sedo (CEO), a Saint Petersburg-based entrepreneur who graduated from the Russian University of Business and Management (RUBM).

The idea for DropAnswer was formed in June 2017. The beta for the platform is scheduled to launch in May 2018.

DropAnswer Conclusion

DropAnswer is like Yahoo Answers with a digital token system and social network added in. The platform allows users to ask and answer questions. All platform interactions are rewarded with tokens called DeeCoins. Users can spend DeeCoins on DBooster, which is the in-platform reputation system.

To learn more about DropAnswer, visit the platform online today at DropAnswer.social. The ICO gets underway on November 15.

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