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What Is Dropil Arthur Arbitrage Bot?

Since its inception, Dropil has displayed an unrelenting commitment to offering value to their clientele. The continuous addition of innovative services to their impressive product line within their platform is a testament to this. Furthermore, their releases cater to present needs, as well as being future proof. Currently, the crypto world is flooded with a wide range of automated arbitrage assistant tools, colloquially known as trading bots. Recently, Dropil released their trading bot, known as Arthur.

Unlike a significant number of its peers, Arthur uses a simplistic approach. Typically, arbitrage bits have an intimidating interface (from a layman’s perspective) that is characterized by complicated and voluminous Excel spreadsheets. Also, users have to pay to access a majority of these trading tools. In addition to being user-friendly, Arthur is free and boasts of rich and unparalleled features.

Dropil Arthur Arbitrage Bot Crypto Trading Robot Key Features

Monitoring Multiple Exchanges Simultaneously –

Presently, Arthur supports a dozen exchanges. Plans are underway to increase this number further.

Set Thresholds And Currencies –

While the bot supports numerous currencies and exchanges, a user might only be interested in a select few. Arthur allows the user to block the choices which a user is not currently trading or interested in.

Get Real-Time Notifications –

Once the thresholds as mentioned above are acquired, this utility immediately notifies the user via email or Telegram, or both.

Future Premium Features –

Currently Dropil are working hard to integrate the following into Arthur:

  • Customization of alerts for each particular coin and exchange
  • Addition of Exchange APIs to enable automatic arbitraging
  • Execution of arbitrages via text messages
  • SMS notifications.

Dropil Arthur Arbitrage Bot Conclusion

Investors, particularly those in the cryptocurrency sector, cannot downplay the benefits of arbitrage bots. These utilizers have a reduced margin of error and incredibly fast data processing speed, perks that give traders more time and flexibility. Arthur gives you all of the above at no extra cost, which is why you should try it out!


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