DST: the Silver mining Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain Technology

DST has a vision of making their company a leader in innovative technology in the silver sector. The aim is to ensure the creation of a cross-border industry and create a silver ecosystem powered by the internet, the blockchain, trading, finance, and smart contracts.

What Is DSToken?

DST, which stands for Decentralize Silver Token, wants to create a silver ecosystem that has the features of integration, joint creation, co-existing, and consultation. Developing the mining sector is a process that entails a continuous extension of the production chain and evolution of the ecosystem.

Once DST develops the silver mining ecosystem, they will bring a new kind of progress in the sector and lead to more win-win cooperation among various parties. DST is fully committed to the creation of this ecosystem. They want to expand the resources, science, technology, brands, funds, public relations, and investor relations. Besides that, they will contribute to the promotion of the development of silver coupled with evolutionary upgrading to the sector.

Why Silver

Silver is a valuable asset. However, its flow has always been quite rigid. There has been a lot of discussion on how to make silver flow with more ease. DST intends to create a global silver retailing industry with the help of the blockchain. This will ensure the digitization of industrial resources and ensure that assets circulate, promoting more innovation and development.

DSToken Decentralized Silver Mining Blockchain Benefits


DST will use the blockchain to ensure that no one power has the central management of the processes in the ecosystem. Nodes that are spread throughout the ecosystem maintain all data blocks in the system. With decentralization, it could help to make things quite efficient. It will also make it possible for the ecosystem to reach every part of the world.

Full Net Bookkeeping

The DST blockchain will adopt distributed accounting technology; this will create an environment for the creation of a credit system that benefits everyone. With the help of a consensus algorithm, all transactions will be recorded and verified in a transparent manner. This will eliminate all intermediaries, thus reducing disputes and time wastage.

Professionalism And Transparency

The DST distributed storage will have timestamps, which cannot be changed. That will ensure that issues like counterfeiting will be impossible on DST. The use of the blockchain will ensure that the system will be transparent and easy to supervise. Every transaction will be tracked in real time without any way to cheat.

Fast Verification

DST will ensure that transactions are verified within seconds. This is thanks to the optimization that they have incorporated into the blockchain.

Smart Contracts

The smart contracts are a set of commitments that are digitally defined. The commitments are secured by the blockchain, which means they are impossible to alter. Besides that, they are automated, which means no one can ever alter them.

Multiple Assets Support

DST supports different types of assets. Every asset on this blockchain can be tracked using a unique set of details. This ensures that everyone in the silver ecosystem can benefit.

DSToken DST Coin ICO Details

The company is launching their Initial Coin Offering in 3 phases of private sales before offering it to the public. The private sale will start on April 11, 2018 and the public ICO will end on August 15, 2018. You can invest in the DST coin using Ethereum.

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