Du It Bitcoin Network

What Is Du It Bitcoin Network?

Du It Bitcoin is a company that operates as an MLM/Cryptocurrency provider. The founder of the company is Dwayne Golden, also the CEO.

There is suspicion around the company as well. It’s officially operated out of Medllin Colombia where they operate the website out of. As for Golden, he’s officially labeled as operating of Pennsylvania here in the United States. This insinuates that the company exists in Colombia only by name. Golden is not only the CEO of Du It – he is also working as one of the site admins for Blue Birds Bids as well.

There is also the possibility that Golden was also involved in Xtreme Coin, a Ponzi scheme that is officially gone due to corrupt practices.

How Du It Bitcoin Network Cryptocurrency Products Work

The company doesn’t even operate as a real company for the most part. There are no actual products to speak of, no services or products exist on the platform. As of now, only an affiliate network can be used on the platform. This is another of the new high-risk investments operating through cryptocurrency.

Du It makes unrealistic claims when it comes to the platform. Du It Bitcoin Network has an ICO that promises returns on investment as high as 500% with there being a nano ledge wallet, which operates to store small amounts of Bitcoin.

Other things offered on the platform is information on how to start your own Bitcoin ATM business, considered to be one of the highest-level investments. Smaller investment packages promise training on how to get involved in cryptocurrency as well as possible e-training courses, but no information is disclosed on that for sure.

The only real way to make money on the network is through the affiliate system. Likely, it’s only going to benefit a small amount of people behind the scenes at Du It Bitcoin Network. Each investment package costs a considerable amount of money – with the ROI on each of them higher than can really be possible for a real company to continue operations.

Most of these investment companies are just scams, Du It will eventually collapse with the way the system is run. There will be a lot of people losing money, with only a small amount of them actually making money. In reality, Golden will be the one to see the biggest returns, while a majority of people will lose money before they see any significant return if any.

Du It Bitcoin Network Conclusion

Du It has no real offering, meaning the affiliate system’s commissions are the only real opportunity to make money on the company. It’ doesn’t make any sense for anyone to invest with the company since they are promising as high as 500% ROIs with the company. It’s a ridiculous idea to believe such numbers can be reached. No business is sustainable with numbers this high in ROI, so when seen it’s an obvious sign the company is a scam. With Golden being at the head, already known to rip people off – your best bet is to stay away from Du It altogether.

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