Dubai International Blockchain

The Dubai International Blockchain Summit – shortened to DIBS – is an international cryptocurrency summit being held on January 9 2018 at the Armani Hotel in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The summit is designed as the largest networking event in the middle east for blockchain and ICOs, and boasts a large list of high-profile speakers.

What Is Dubai International Blockchain?

DIBS is being presented by the ECS Network, which has presented two DIBS conferences in years past. However, it has been difficult in pinning down exactly who is in charge of ECS Network, where they’re located, or what other businesses they’re involved in besides holding cryptocurrency-based networking events.

The company itself claims to have partnered with several digital currency companies from around the world as sponsors and to have received support from larger, multinational corporations like IBM in order to organize the event. It also claims it will be covered by many of the major news organizations of the Arab world.

Dubai International Blockchain Product

Attending DIBS requires the purchase of one of two tickets – general admission or VIP access. VIP-tier tickets are currently sold out, relegating parties interested in attending the event to the general admission price of $999.

Admission price includes access to the exhibition, all speeches and discussions, and drinks and beverages. VIP access, if it is offered once more in the future, retails for $2499 and also includes VIP lounge access, pick up and drop off service, a lunch buffet, an after party dinner, and full access to all contacts.

Dubai International Blockchain Opportunity

The opportunity that DIBS represents is an excellent one for businesses looking to drum up support for an incipient ICO or for high-profile investors in search of new networking connections. Additionally, the speeches, discussions, and presentations given by industry luminaries – such as McAfee founder John McAfee, Member of European Parliament Eva Kaili, IBM strategy and business executive Iqbal Alikhan, and Hanson Robotics “Chief Humanoid” Sophia the Robot – provide opportunities to learn about cutting edge developments in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

Dubai International Blockchain Verdict

DIBS is obviously not a good fit for the casual cryptocurrency enthusiast blogging about the effects of the next Bitcoin hard fork in his or her basement. Geared towards industry luminaries and deep-pocketed investors, the exhibition is much more in line with the goals of companies interested in marketing their ICOs to high rollers or to financial tech sector investors looking for a new star to hitch their wagon to.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does severely limit the number of people that will be able to attend such an event. The majority of crypto disciples are unlikely to have $1000 lying about just collecting dust that they can devote to what is essentially a network marketing event for the digital currency sector, much less the $2500 for VIP access.

That being said, if you do have exceedingly deep pockets – or if your tech startup has a very expansive marketing budget – you may want to look into attending DIBS in early 2018.


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  1. Dubai block chain summit will going to be one of the biggest event of middle east as it holds a large potential to transform business operating models in the long term.


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