Life is a constant balance of having an abundance of things to do and finding the time to actually get them done. How can consumers make the most out of their time and ensure each set task has been achieved? This is where Dubailancers comes into the picture.

Dubailancers claim to help consumers save time. In addition, they work towards providing the best quality services at budgets and requests made on an individualistic basis. The following review will further analyze Dubailancers in terms of its purpose, how it works, and how its services are useful.

What Is Dubailancers?

Dubailancers is a service that is intended to be the on-demand source for tasks that individuals need to accomplish. More specifically, they offer a bank of free lancers, who are claimed to be skilled in varied activities and fields, giving users the chance to pick a professional free lancer that meet their expectations.

How Does Dubailancers On-Demand Freelance UAE Help Work?

The Dubailancers offers services that are easy to access. Steps to get one’s task completed as required are simple and to the point.

First, one must specify what type of work needs to be done. This allows Dubailancers to find professional free lancers that specialize in the area in demand. Second, the user can choose to rent a service from a list of free lancers.  Next, the professionals’ rates and number of completed projects are available for the user to see, which is beneficial as it allows one to get a better understanding of how experienced the free lancer really is. Finally, upon selecting the right free lancer, the user can then proceed to communicate with them to retrieve details and proceed to secure them for the task.

Once the work is done, the user pays from the wallet found on the website. This not only benefits consumers, who get a given task done, but it also provides free lance writers the feedback needed to better their services in the long run.

Dubailancers DXBC ICO Details

Dubailancers is introducing their DXBC token which is based ERC-20 coin. 150 million tokens will be available for purchase by investors during the ICO. The price per coin is 200,000 DXBC for 1 Ethereum. Investors can make a purchase using both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The ICO is taking place March 1st through April 30th 2018. The Pre-ICO is taking place now.

Token Distribution

  • Crowdfunding 40%
  • Pre-sale & Investors 30%
  • Core Team 10%
  • Development Team 6%
  • Marketing & Media 6%
  • Advisory & Consultation 8%

How Are Free Services Offered By Dubailancers Useful?

Dubailancers works towards performing high quality services. Transparency makes them unique, as every inch of detail is provided about the free lance writers capabilities. Consumers can also have confidence in the work received, as they are given the authority to choose the free lancer as desired. In particular, those who are under a budget can also choose a free lancer accordingly, which gives each individual a sense of freedom.

Dubailancers Final Thoughts

Overall, Dubailancers appears to have potential in positively impacting others’ lives. Based on the rates, consumers can expect to range anywhere between $20 and over $40, depending on how much the free lancer sets. What is commendable about Dubailancers is their commitment in ensuring that consumers’ needs are met, while providing free lancers the opportunity to expand and improve upon their styles. For more information, go to:

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