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Düber, found online at DuberCoin.com, promises to transform the cannabis industry with an efficient measurement and incentive system. Here’s our review.

What Is Düber?

The Düber token (DBR) is a measurement and incentive system (i.e. a currency) that rewards consumers and helps small and medium-sized cannabis businesses succeed.

The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s being developed by Düber Technologies, a software as a service (SaaS) provider for the cannabis community. The company’s products are targeted towards consumers, retailers, labs, processors, growers, and other members of the marijuana community.

Düber Technologies is based in Seattle. The company recently secured $50 million in capital in an agreement with Vacone Real Estate to fund 15 new legal distribution centers across Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Nevada. With their upcoming ICO, they’re planning to raise $103 million USD. The ICO takes place from October through to December.

How Does Düber Work?

Düber tokens will give members of the cannabis community multiple ways to own and spend tokens. Cannabis industry members can share data on growing activity, for example, in exchange for tokens.

DBRs will also be given to those who contribute information about cannabis products – like photos or reviews. Meanwhile, customers and retailers can participate in loyalty programs, earn rewards for referring new customers, buy in-platform advertising, or contribute content, among other benefits.

Overall, Düber tokens will be used to access Düber services. The company’s core product is its unified distribution technology platform, which allows smaller cannabis producers to compete with larger ones. Düber token holders will be able to pay software fees in Düber tokens to receive a 15% discount.

The company is currently developing a point of sale system and an advertising platform, both of which are scheduled to launch before the end of 2017.

In the first half of 2018, Düber plans to release two more platforms – one for loyalty program creation and messaging, and the other for home delivery and distribution.

Ultimately, Düber tokens will be used to access a wide range of products created by Düber Technologies.

Uses for Düber Tokens

Some of the uses for Düber tokens include all of the following:

  • Order online and earn DBRs
  • Order in-store and earn DBRs
  • Order at the counter and earn DBRs
  • Watch advertisements and earn DBRs
  • Order from any Düber-affiliated store and earn tokens
  • Provide reviews and receive DBRs

Meanwhile, retailers will receive up to a 15% discount when buying advertisements or paying Düber software fees using DBR tokens instead of fiat currency.

Plus, when a retailer pays a processor for goods received in DBRs, the network will charge the processor a small transaction fee instead of charging the high fees of traditional payment methods. During the transaction, half of the DBR tokens used in that transaction fee will be burned, which further drives the scarcity of DBRs.

Of the 350,000 ETH raised during the sale, the company is planning to spend 175,000 on the North American cannabis market (the United States and Canada) with 175,000 ETH reserved for the remaining global cannabis market.

Düber ICO

Düber Technologies is aiming to raise an enormous amount of money through their ICO. They’re planning to raise 350,000 ETH, or $103 million USD. As pointed out by TechVibes.com, that would immediately make the Düber token the 61st most valuable digital currency in the world.

The company is selling its tokens through a simple agreement for future tokens, or SAFT, which accredits token buyers as investors.

The pre-sale for Düber starts on October 11 and lasts until October 30, with bonuses of 10% to 30% available throughout the pre-sale. The crowdsale is scheduled for November 1 to December 1.

No further tokens will be raised after the ICO.

About Düber Technologies

Düber Technologies is based in Seattle, Washington. The company offers software as a service to members of the cannabis industry.

This past September, Düber Technologies secured $50 million in capital to fund 15 new legal distribution centers in five states across the western United States. The new deal expands the company’s existing digital operations to include 400,000 square feet of physical distribution space.

Today, Düber’s main product is its unified distribution technology platform, which is designed with the goal of helping small cannabis companies compete with large corporations.

The company was founded by Glenn Ballman in 2016. In the next couple months, Düber plans to launch a point of sale system and an advertising platform.

Other key members of the team include Derek Mackie (CTO), Andre van Regenmortel (Chief Marketing Officer), James Mutter (Chief Legal Officer), and David Edmunds (Chief Financial Officer). The company’s team consists of 25 people, including 16 full-time developers.

The company is headquartered in Seattle but maintains a location in Vancouver, British Columbia.


There are a number of digital tokens aiming to be the best digital currency for the cannabis industry. Düber token, or DBR, may be one of the most ambitious plans. The company aims to raise 350,000 ETH (!) through its token sale, which takes place throughout October and November. The company already has cannabis software products in place, with more products scheduled for release over the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. The tokens will be used to facilitate payments across the Düber platform.

To learn more about Düber tokens or to participate in the ICO, visit online today at DuberCoin.com.


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