Ohio Proposals For Blockchain Identity Trial

Dublin, Ohio has something interesting going on regarding blockchain, with a focus on personal identity. The city revealed the project when it issued a request for proposal (RFP) document, in which it published last month. The trial shows that the city is one of the latest governments to explore public sector application of the technology.

The project will all the city to test blockchain by developing a database allowing local officials to create secure, private system that collects and stores personal information and preferences. Further, it will enable the city to create an internal value token.

The RFP explains, “To Begin, the city hopes to prove the viability of identity, basic voting, opinion survey, and a token of some arbitrary value.” It further states:

It is the city’s belief that that more robust application of blockchain technology may become commonplace and so the city desires to establish a base technical foundation upon which it will build additional functionality. This project will also allow the city to develop skills and expertise around this emerging technology.

The city also released an addendum to the RFP, indicating that the due date for proposals in September 14, 2018. The city also indicated that it is not requiring a specific budget, but rather – due to the experimental nature of the proposal, officials will establish a cost for the trial as proposals are submitted.

The document further added, “We expect this solution to be one of the only functioning distributed ledger applications being run by a municipality in the state of Ohio. We expect to promote the solution widely, using our reputation as a center of innovation to aid the winner in showcasing a solution far and wide.”

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