It has become increasingly evident to a lot of people that the Internet is filling up little by little with content that is not only of poor quality, but is also full of malware, spyware, etc. As a result of this, the creators of quality content find it difficult to reach their target audience, thus losing income and other monetary incentives. This also has a direct effect on the consumers as they are constantly exposed to bad content.

What Are DubTokens?

This is where DubToken comes into play. In essence, it is a completely new platform based on blockchain that makes use of an “Interactive Experience and Video Protocol (IVEP)”. As a result of this, it allows us to redefine the digital encryption experience, making use of layers that are on top of any content that can be transmitted on the Internet. DubTokens allows users to watch any video available online to broadcast, including live broadcast, and interact with it in a highly specialized manner.

In addition to this, DubToken can also present a more interactive blockchain experience, as well as greater end user participation.

Why Use DubTokens Interactive Video DApp Store?

  • The platform is fully customizable, real-time editable and monetizable
  • All these actions are carried out within the framework of the applicable copyright laws.
  • By using this system, users can make use of software customizations in real time, to maximize the commitment to content and information delivered.
  • IVEP technology introduces a new public Application Programming Interface (API) that is easily compatible with Artificial Intelligence-based technologies. This innovation allows for greater human interaction with digital data.
  • By using the platform's unique application store, software developers and designers will be able to offer customers a wide range of new applications and services.
  • Another key aspect of this service is its ability to help software developers earn incentives and bonuses. As things stand, content creators get a marginal fraction of all the profits from their production. However, with DubTokens, the monetary power is given to the hands of the person who has created the content, which makes the Internet a more level playing field.

Details Of The DubTokens Token

According to the official document of the company, there will be a total of 1,000,000,000 dubtokens that will be created and distributed during the pre-sale and in the crowdsale. In addition, there will be a maximum limit of ‘USD $ 30M' that will be used to have a fair distribution of the native currency.

The Distribution of tokens will be done as follows:

  • 4% will be saved for consultants
  • 28% of the currency has been reserved for the purchase of the founders and shareholders of the company.
  • 30% will be available during pre-sale and TDE
  • 36% will be used to boost the reward engine, associations, etc.

The distribution of money will be done as follows:

  • 40% of all revenues will go towards a greater development of the protocol
  • 20% of the funds will go to marketing.
  • 20% of revenues will be used for business development
  • 10% of the money will be used to cover the legal costs
  • The remaining 10% will cover administration costs, as well as other miscellaneous expenses.

Brands and retailers have much to benefit from using real human participation metrics available at Dubtokens. This platform allows them to increase both their ROI and online sales with native video content'. The potential is great and buying these tokens will do a lot of good.

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