Blockchain technology solves numerous problems. However, the implementation of blockchain is a challenge on its own especially in terms of data management on-chain and off-chain. There is a deficiency of specialists and ready-made solutions for blockchain implementation. This results in existing solutions that that cannot be streamed or standardized for other customers.

Without a system of standardized solutions of blockchain implementation, it is impossible to build standardized solutions of blockchain implementation. It is also impossible to build a system of ratings and interactions between different data sources on a global scale.

The Ducatur Solution

Ducatur is the next solution for business-data-blockchain space. Ducatur has created the first Multi-chain Oracles Framework and the first Multi-chain Token known as DUCAT. Ducatur, which is a ready-made, self-sufficient, and multi-chain ecosystem, unites experts or data sources based on rating and provides the tools for high-quality data exchange for dispute resolution. The Ducatur network has a single data registry that combines launched nodes by the rating principle and provides the needed tools for high-quality data exchange and for dispute resolution.

The Ducatur framework solves the problem of the missing single data solution. This makes it impossible to build a system of ratings and interaction between different oracles and data sources at the global level. The platform creates a framework with a single registry of all existing solutions and a unified reputation system on the basis on which trust will be formed.

The vision of the platform is to see the Oracle Technology become mainstream within the business ecosystem, which will be achieved by the provision of the tools businesses need for the implementation of blockchain technology. The Ducatur platform hopes to create the ultimate framework that will allow businesses to use blockchain through their system.

Ducatur hopes to connect different blockchains and different data providers with a multi-chain framework and the multi-chain token DUCAT. This will ensure that the Ducatur ecosystem is as agile as possible. As the demand for blockchain usage grows, Ducatur hopes to provide the needed services on data management for businesses to use and create a decentralized ecosystem of data providers through its multi-chain oracles framework.

Ducatur Business Data Blockchain Coin Features

  • Easy implementation of blockchain for business
  • Easy implementation of the oracles technology
  • Ready-made solutions for creation and registrations of oracles
  • Supply, sell and share verified data through oracles
  • Provides a multi-chain reputation system of oracles that provides a decentralized way to trust oracles
  • A versatile multi-chain solution for the DUCAT Token

Ducatur DUCAT Token ICO Details

The DUCAT token is the first multi-chain token on ETH, NEO, and EOS. The demand for the token will come from:

  • Business implementation blockchain
  • The business using the Ducatur framework in terms of data
  • Nodes staking Ducat to deliver and analyze data
  • Oracles staking Ducat to provide data
  • Buyers of data in the Ducatur ecosystem

The total supply of the tokens is 7,000,000,000 and unsold tokens after the sale will be destroyed. The token is valued at 1 DUCAT=0.000005ETH which is approximately equal to $0.0003. The platform developers hope to achieve a soft cap of 1270 ETH and hard cap of 15700 ETH during the token sale.


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