What Is DupliTrade Crypto Trading Signals?

Duplitrade is a new system that is said to use automated traded in the simplest way possible. You can basically use it for all your needs when it comes to trading and researching the best cryptocurrencies to trade in.

How Does Duplitrade Automated Strategies Work?

The purpose of the company is to maximize your ability to trade for the best profits from any location at any time. The purpose is to get the best real-time information on all potential trades through their selection of high-quality strategy providers. It’s a platform that is ideal for the best full and transparent collections of data on the internet.

You’ll be able to completely diversify your portfolio with the help of Duplitrade. One of the main objectives of company is to help you find the strategies for generating profit that will suit you best. They gauge objectives based on your level of experience, available capital and desired goals you want to achieve. You can adjust your desired exposure according to each strategy and eventually create your own bold, diversified and robust portfolio.

Once you’ve selected the strategies that are best suited for you after putting different options to work and analyzing results, you will be able to set things up to be fully automated. They claim to use the most sophisticated, innovative technology – also simple enough for everyone to use.

There are different strategies you can use, and each one represents a different trading method and style. Each has the purpose of giving you the fastest, most effective way to enhance your portfolio. It’s done through tracking, analyzing and duplicating your best strategies in real-time with completely transparent trading data and activity for you to look at and analyze.

DupliTrade Crypto Trading Signals Conlcusion

The company is an automated trading company, designed to make trading easy for users of every skill level. Unfortunately, some of their claims are extremely high and not realistic. Also, there isn’t any information about the team behind the scenes. I would wait before investing with Duplitrade until you can research and get accurate reports on how other investors are faring with the system.

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  1. I lost $4,000 in 2 months with duplitrade. I registered with $5,044 in the first week of March and today I have $27 in my duplitrade/Avatrade account. I was following Spider and Titan, Spider opened so many non performing position, and this affecting my account as my margin was fully exhausted, and loss of money followed when those loss were closed. In one single trade with Spider, I lost about $820. I was able to withdraw $1,000. But the rest is gone. Please be careful when investing. I will advise people not to trade with duplitrade..

  2. **Do not use Duplitrade**
    I signed up for duplitrade after using their free test account. The way Duplitrade works is you mirror and copy the accounts of their “professional traders,” to help ensure your success. All the strategy trading providers that you can follow show positive returns, you can look back through their successful trading history which was great. However, I have been running a live account for 6 months and I have only lost money, almost all of it in fact. Keep in mind that this was through no fault of my own, the idea behind Duplitrade is that you are supposed to trust their, “experts,” to make the right trades and the investor is supposed to profit. My only mistake was trusting Duplitrade to employ competent and trustworthy forex traders, and I never would have imagined that a company would falsify and hide statistics, losses, ect. The statistics that Duplitrade show are not accurate and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are breaching some laws in falsifying returns and deleting trade history information. I have watched two strategy providers have terrible returns, lost a lot of investors money, and duplitrade simply deleted them off their website, all their losing statistics were erased, along with any history that they ever existed. In six months I have witnessed them do this with almost a dozen different strategies or traders after losing all their investors money. This company really exaggerates returns while simply making any negative information disappear. I deeply regret investing any money with this company, I would recommend using another mirror trading company with more transparency and a longer history.


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