What Is Dutyof.Care?

Dutyof.Care is an online platform that seeks to bring on board various individuals and organizations, as a deliberate move for proactive solutions against harm. The innovators of this decentralized blockchain enabled platform, believe that coming together and being the keeper of others ensures everyone is well taken care of and living under acceptable conditions. The measures of this noble idea pay more attention to vulnerable members of the society such as the elderly, young people and people with disabilities.

Dutyof.Care Blockchain Community Services Benefits

We live in a society that’s made up of different kinds of people. Whereas there are those who care about the well-being of others, some don’t see anything wrong with causing others harm. Therefore, there is a need for the implementation of drastic measures to prevent this. That’s where the Dutyof.Care comes in to help. Through their smart contract platform, the organization enables organizations from all over the world to report any details concerning injustices on people under their care. Though everyone on the platform can view the information, no one can alter it in any way to conceal evidence.

Additionally, as an organization, you can track any information concerning your members through multiple verifications. Through this, you can add and drop people without worrying about them operating under illegal accreditation. In other words, you are always on top of things.

Furthermore, the blockchain system works to ensure the safety of all your details. Therefore, no matter how many times you use the system, there is no chance of leakages on personal information. The security here is much better than on centralized platforms where anyone can quickly acquire your security details and sabotage your whole mission.

Once you sign up to the platform, you gain allocation of an auditable ledger that ensures you achieve your goals. By using the ledger, you as a manager or director get a checking list that provides you are working towards assuring the safety of those under your care.

Why Should I Join Dutyof.Care?

If you are a manager or founder of a specialized organization, then joining this platform seems like a good idea. That way, you can keep track of your employee’s behaviors on given assignments and also make the fastest and safest reports on the harm caused to those in your line of duty.

Additionally, once reporting sensitive cases, might cause trouble in some regions, the platform provides the best way to address this by protecting the personal details of their members. Through this, you get to alert the world of underlying issues, without necessarily revealing your identity. Also, there is no way the information can be false as you have to provide specific evidence for the course of action.

All this will be possible through the use of VCOC tokens, which seek to secure all transactions and activities.

Why Shouldn’t I Join Dutyof.Care?

At the time of this review, we couldn’t trace the information on token detains as “minor changes” were still underway. Thereby, we cannot provide you with specific information on the same. However, you might consider being cautious as the platform is yet to receive substantial support.

Dutyof.Care VDOC ICO Details

The VDOC token is available through the company ICO which will launch on April 1, 2018. You can invest using Ethereum.

Dutyof.Care Conclusion

The Dutyof.Care online platform enables users to make use of the VCOC tokens, to safeguard the people under their care. Through this, the vulnerable members of society, get the best care they need while enjoying privacy.

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