What is the DVLP Coin?

The company is in Pre ICO registration at the moment. You can invest into the company soon, the official date for being able to register for the ICO is a little over one week.

It’s your chance according to them, to be a part of what’s said to be what’s going to be one of the largest ICO’s in history. You can enter your information to find out more and get put on a waiting list. Most companies say they will have the largest ICOs, it wouldn’t be very smart if they didn’t.

How Does the DVLP Coin Work?

The brief of DVLP is that they are a decentralized currency that will be used to purchase Real Estate in key territories all over the world for very fast and explosive growth. One aspect is that they are looking for short term investments or fast money. The team is said to have more than 100 years of experience in the industry of Real Estate development as well as investing. And they have large portfolios in both Residential and Commercial avenues all over the world.

They are interested in multiple opportunities, but mainly in the following:

  • Buildings containing seven rooms or more and are suitable to be converted to HMO.
  • Portfolios containing more then five units.
  • Larger buildings that have permissions for outline planning on condos and apartments and can be converted.
  • Land that has planning permission to develop 15 units or more.
  • Dilapidated property or repossessed land that is at a discount of 45% or higher.

Apparently, they have a large team of 3rd party advisors who work hard each day to fulfill every deal they get. And they claim to have more than 450 opportunities at this time and a short list of 35 suitable properties they can move as soon as the pre-ICO and ICO of their Token is completed.

There are other key points to DVLP as well:

Decentralized Income

When investing with them, you get income based on tangible assets.

Investing or Trading

You also have the options to hold your funds in your DVLP wallet or invest them into another asset for an agreed return.

Asset Backed

Because they use crypto, no centralized government has control over them.

Portfolio Diversification

If you’re looking to trade DVLP on pre-ICO, then you’re prepared for the explosive growth of ICOs. They claim to have a richly diverse portfolio of real assets and are safer then the traditional class of real estate.

What is the DVLP Coin ICO?

The ICO will be announced in the coming weeks. They claim it will be one of the largest in history. But we will have to wait and see for sure.

Who Are the Founders of DVLP Coin?

They have a team of advisors they use as consultants prior to moving on any deal. And they make sure that every corner is checked with due diligence to ensure it’s in line with funding attainment goals. They also always ensure that the investment makes sense in the 1st place. There are no coin incentives to the advisors or any exclusive rights to them. They are as follows:

  • DTZ – This is a sub company to one another of their advisors. They are based in the Middle East and Asia.
  • Cushman & Wakefield – This is one of the largest companies in the US. And they are based out of Chicago Illinois. They help with all US buying.
  • RICS – They are the consultants who advise them with their purchases in Europe.

The 3rd party advisors they use help with the gathering of information and purchasing. Basically, every purchase made is thoroughly looked over by the team at DVLP and international team that understands their areas values and regulations.

DVLP Coin ICO Conclusion

You can get in on the new company and contribute to DVLP via MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. There is a guide on the website that will show you exactly how you can buy tokens directly from DVLP or how to buy them from MyEtherWallet and MetaMask. If you’re into cryptocurrency or real estate this could be a company that you may be interested in.

And at the same time, if you like making money, DVLP seems like they’re going to have a massive ICO. This is primarily according to them however, so we will have to wait and see. All companies pretty much say the same thing, but maybe DVLP will deliver as they have promised and become a lucrative, crypto based real estate, investing firm.

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