With most individuals and companies becoming hesitant to share data, the primary cause lies in the inability to control the data once it leaves the originator's control. The DxChain ICO is seeking to raise funds for their new concept that could finally see data creators realizing new income streams form the use or sale of their data.

About DxChain

DxChain is a blockchain-based project with the goal of establishing a big-data and machine learning network that operates with a native protocol token known as the DxChain token(DXC). The idea with DxChain is to bring back value to data ownership where creators should have the power to own and benefit from their data.

The DxChain Big Data And Machine Learning Blockchain Network

Functionally, the DxChain Network will operate on two aspects, namely, Design Principles. That includes principles from where the DxChain Network architecture is borrowed from or adapted. They are:

Chains-On-Chain Structure

A three-chain structure design that gives two unique resulting properties in the master and side chains structure plus the immutable master chain and elastic side chains.


Hadoop is a big data platform for file storage, job scheduling, and distribution that the DxChain Network intends to adapt to a decentralized environment.


The DxChain platform wants to use two computational mechanisms in the form of the verification game algorithm and specific data computation (PDC) to solve correctness problem.

On the other hand, the structural design of the DxChain Network will feature:

Master Blockchain

The Main chain stores information on assets and events. It uses a Proof of Work (PoW) protocol to provide for high-level security and stability.

Data Side Chain

The side chain stores non-asset information and serves as a second method of data storage and retrieval.

Computing Side Chain

The chain forms the foundation for computational processes and stores specific information on computing tasks involved on the DxChain platform.

Outlook On The Project


Overall, the DxChain development team is probably the most positive aspect of the project since they consist of recognized blockchain experts, network security professionals, big data and AI researchers.

Partnerships And Investments

DxChain is already establishing alliances with Trustlook AI Cybersecurity one of the firms using the technology. Additionally, DxChain lists some investors who are interested in the project, and the amount is pretty vast.

ICO And Roadmap

The ICO is set for August although no official dates as per the team's communication. The project historical milestones and development roadmap is also less informative with only data on the readiness of the technological aspects.


While the idea behind DxChain remains usual, the technology in use remains unique in tackling the transaction, storage, and computation of data simultaneously. That could expand the capabilities of the service and provide more value to the businesses and consumers.


Despite DxChain providing multiple functions, the project will still have to face stiff, especially within the transaction and data sharing/storage niche. Projects like ZilliquaGolem and Quarkchain are just examples of the competition that DxChain is facing.


Unfortunately, the DxChain ICO bars residents of many countries from participating in its ICO. Some the countries include China, USA, Canada, North Korea, and New Zealand.

DxChain Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Main sale dates- TBA
  • Symbol- DXC
  • Blockchain- Ethereum
  • Type- ERC20
  • Token price- 1 DX= $0.0014
  • Token supply- 100,000,000,000
  • Hard cap- $21,500,000

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