Dylyver seeks to transform the ride-sharing sector with secure and transparent transactions using the blockchain. Besides ridesharing, the company also wants to influence the package delivery industry with the blockchain. To do this, Dylyver has introduced the DYCOIN token.

About DYCOIN Token

The dycoin token is the token that will power the Dylyver platform. It is a token that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of this token is to cut down complexities associated with paying for rides and parcel delivery. Besides that, the Dylyver developers want to create a global payment system that is more secure. The Dycoin is a certified ERC20 token. This coin is designed to work with all smart contracts that accept token payments.

Uses For Dycoin

Users who own Dycoin will be able to pay for package deliveries or pay for rides. When the platform becomes fully integrated with Ethereum, users will not just be able to pay in Dycoin but in fiat as well.

There are also plans to integrate Dycoin with various exchange systems. This will allow users to sell their Dycoin for crypto or for fiat. This way, they can use the coins for others things outside the Dylyver platform.

Why Buy The Dycoins

Right now, the package delivery and ride sharing industries are expected to continue growing. The result is that the Dylylver platform will grow in value. This will also lead to an increase in value for the Dycoin tokens.

This project is also unique; no other blockchain-based project has targeted the ridesharing and package delivery sectors. Thus, despite the competition being non-existent, they have a solid business model.

Another reason why you should purchase Dycoins is that the project is almost ready for launch. The developers have created a roadmap, which they are committed to fulfilling. The project is expected to start once the pre-sale is concluded.

Its use of the blockchain is also quite interesting. The blockchain ensures transparency, verifiability, speed, and transparency of all transactions. Thus, users will be able to know the pricing, insurance, and all other relevant data for any transaction.

This project is offering a much-needed decentralized system that serves both users and businesses. This decentralized ecosystem powered by the blockchain will ensure optimal throughput capacity and interoperability between users. The result may be a huge swath of users, logistics, and services agencies might end up joining the Dylyver ecosystem.


ICO Details

Pre-sale 1

  • Goal: $500,000
  • Start: May 16
  • End: May 31

Pre-Sale 2

  • Goal: $2,000,000
  • Start: June 1
  • End: June 30

Pre-Sale 3

  • Goal: $5,000,000
  • Start: July 1
  • End: August 31

Main ICO

  • Goal: $20,500,000
  • Start: September 1
  • End: October 31
  • Summary

The Dylyver ICO is a great option for seasoned and budding investors. They are many plans that target growth in the Dycoin value. Thus, investing in Dycoin will end up being the right choice. If you wish to own the Dycoin tokens while earning passive bonus tokens via referral links, Dycoin is the right choice for you.


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