One of the key areas that blockchain technology purposes to revolutionize is universal healthcare provision. And Dyno is at the forefront of the creation of an all-around metabolism analysis-based device that will aid in circumscribing medical assistance inside the all-new blockchain ecosystem. The device- dubbed as DYNOSTICS – has already been adopted in more than 26 countries and tens of thousands of users including Red Bull and CleverFit.

What Is DYNO?

Dyno is actually an offshoot of a 2014 experiment that as aimed towards building a revolutionary and highly specialized analytical device that was optimized for professional sportsmanship. And with the inception of blockchain technology, the two projects morphed into what is presently regarded as one of the leading big data fitness/health-analysis marketplaces on the planet.

By bringing third-party hardware devices and trackers on board, Dyno is well on its way of being an all-around exhaustive ecosystem that encompasses users from all walks of life.

How DYNO DYNOSTICS Blockchain Sports Metabolic Device Works

Dyno’s working mechanism revolves around the collection of data and then aiming to use that data to come up with a safe, fair and secure way of analysis and storage. The project, which has widely been regarded as the first blockchain-based metabolic data and fitness marketplace, will see users regain control of their personal data ownership in ways that have never been witnessed before.

What’s more, it is in Dyno’s masterplan to extend their full range of analytical devices to even third-party fitness and tracking devices or players.

Blockchain, which lies squarely in the centerfold of DYNO’s methodology, will be designed in such a way to allow users to manage their health/personal data in ways that the deem fit. In addition to this, they will be at liberty to share it with trusted third parties or confidants in an encrypted and anonymized fashion.

Also, the Dyno operating token will enable universities, research institutes and mammoth insurance companies to acquire exclusive access to data uploaded on the platform (voluntarily) for the purposes of studies and research.

Finally, the DYNO integrated wallet will be synchronized throughout the project’s suite of application in such a way to make the exchange of data between purchasers and users fluid and entirely seamless.

DYNO's Vision

Dyno’s main aim revolves around making a universal and global impact via an open-source, blockchain-secured metabolic and fitness data marketplace. Unlike other conventional and pedestrian avenues, users of this platform will enjoy unfettered and unlimited access and management of their health data. And by being the sole and only custodians of their health information, Dyno’s plan is to cut down the chances of such sensitive data falling into hands of malicious/careless users.

On the other hand, companies, researchers and public health instructions will have access to better and more reliable health databases. In return, this will result to better healthcare delivery, more conclusive research and a healthier population in the long run.

DYNO Token ICO Details

Role: To be the trading medium between various players in the ecosystem i.e buyers and data owners, only 55% of the tokens will be offered to the public).

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Symbol: DYNO
  • For sale: 550,000,000 tokens
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens
  • Payment type: ETH (Ethereum Tokens)
  • Hard cap: 35,000 Ethereum tokens
  • Emission Rate: There will be no new tokens to be minted upon exhaustion.
  • Price: 1 ETH is equal to 15,714 DYNO tokens

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