What is Dyron?

It is a simple and mobile platform to provide people with services in high demand at reduced prices. It’s a different platform that is designed for business to business as well as peer to business.

How Does Dyron Work?

Apparently, the way it works is designed to help bring business faster to the platform. And they’ll only put emphasis on those parts of the platform that will bring more people to the business. People will make money by recruiting people to the platform. When they do, the company will only take half of the profits. They claim it will attract people as well as employers.

Basically, the platform will match people up with businesses according to the skills they have and what is needed by the business. It will focus primarily around the skills that people have, not just what the different positions needing to be filled are.

They will also use a fix rate cryptocurrency token that will attract more people to the company. Since it’s a fixed rate token, they claim it will attract more people who will want to work with a token that isn’t volatile. So, that they know when they buy a token, it won’t be worthless in a matter of hours or days because there is no price fluctuation.

If you want to learn more about what Dyron can do, there is a full whitepaper report you can check out on the company website. It’s said to be a major contender in the cryptocurrency world as they want to make a truly digital currency that is also stable.

Dyron Conclusion

If you’re interested in getting involved with a cryptocurrency that is stable and won’t fluctuate, Dyron may be a good business for you. Right now, the company is so brand new however that there is almost no information on the system. It will likely be some time before you’ll be able get any real information on the company and what’s happening with it. Before you go investing any money into the company, give them some time to release more about what they’ll be doing.

It’s important that you never invest into a company like this before there is an actual inclination as to what they’ll be doing. Dyron is one of many new cryptocurrencies, so there is no rush investing with them. It’s dangerous to get involved with a company like this before we know more about them and what the software will entail.

Also, the blockchain behind the company needs to be viewed in full before we can truly say how authentic Dyron is. At this time, there is no information on who is behind the company or where they are actually from.

One of the first red flags a company can put up is not giving information on who is behind the company and where they are from. It’s far too easy on the internet to start a company and take people’s money without given them info. And it’s a general rule, never give any anonymous party any money without first knowing who they are and where your money is going.

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  1. Great article. Perhaps the website has not quite clear explanation. And the website has a focus on investors, not on users. What is a good in the platform from the user’s point of view? A true democracy based on smart contracts. There is no central administration, such as Mark Zuckerberg. No one will say, I made another application, download it and do as I say or I’ll turn off the messages on Facebook. People will decide how the platform will evolve.
    Thanks to all the myriad of different job titles companies use, job search is problematic. There are hundreds of different job titles for same, often making searches inaccurate or misleading. Imagine if people could find jobs faster with a better fit. We want to create search not only by titles of jobs but through skills. It gives the best job search results and more appropriate vacancies to display. To find dream job will be easier.
    The platform will allow to use the demanded services with hefty discounts. Why? A simple example. Insurance companies put agency fees in fares, in case the customer came via an agent. Since we’ll have many users, we can negotiate with companies and developers on our terms. Our platform can act as an agent and remove these commissions for our users. This applies to anything (insurance, banking services, money transfers, leasing, buying PC games, etc). Imagine to save on car insurance $200 annually. You don’t need to pay any fees or subscriptions. Just be a user of our platform.
    Advertising profit to users is only a nice perk. No referrals or content creation. Two goals, we’ll attract users to the platform and show the world that the social media can live without advertising.

  2. Red flag? :) ..a company is not giving information on who is behind.. Guys, you did’t visit our website, right? :) We are holding the crowdfunding campaign on behalf of the legal entity that carries civil and criminal liability. You can check “Intfury” number 919 595 264 on the website of the Norwegian registrar: Brønnøysund register center. And there is a section on the website – About us :)
    In fact, our crowdfunding campaign is safest on Internet. We using Norwegian legal entity (not offshore), escrow company, and staged financing.
    We keep funds in the escrow company and we can use money only when we reach milestones, unlike the rest of ICO’s which use escrow companies until the transfer of tokens to investors.


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