While the internet and the cloud has revolutionized how we live, work, and do business, there is still a big problem of digital signage that is inhibiting the full explosion of e-commerce. Dysnomia, a top digital signage platform, is working on a feasible solution that promises a significant improvement in the quality of advertising services globally.

Dysnomia has come up with a solution that will provide full digital signage integration and help businesses outshine their competitors. The digital signage technology that is in use today is still bogged down by high costs, long waiting times, and of course, bureaucratic red tapes.

How Dysomia’s Digital Signage Solution Works

Dysnomia has many years of experience and awards for all its accomplishments in the signage industry. With the arrival of blockchain, the company has invested itself in improving the quality and expanse of the signage service and realize a global truly borderless advertising.

The company’s blockchain system provides a fully integrated digital signage service with lots of variations to offer its users high speed of signage processing. The company’s cloud service integration is just one arm of the system; its most powerful tools are the seamless blockchain platform it runs on, and the highly intuitive interface.

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Benefits of Dysomia

Signage with no borders: With the implementation of the new blockchain-based digital signage system, Dysomia will be able to reach the global advertising client base without having to deal with the usual hindrance of geographical location. The system brings a new form of globalization to the advertising industry that not only improves its service delivery, but also enables its customers to reach a global audience with ease.

High speed and ease of use: We can all agree that blockchain has brought a new level of security and transparency to how information is stored and shared and how peer-to-peer transactions can be secured. Dysnomia takes advantage of this to roll out an intelligent system that will tailor advertiser content to targets based on their preferences, location, period of time, and price among others.

Decentralization means security: Decentralized digital signage service that runs on Ethereum’s Smart Contracts platform means high speed of transaction verification and postage to the blockchain. Dysnomia’s system leverages this advantage to provide a high speed point-to-point information transfer service. Since the information cannot be amended or lost, it is highly secure.


Dysnomia promises to offer digital signage displays that will light up the atmosphere and make their clients’ messages attractive and memorable. With their new cutting-edge system, the company hopes to dominate the global signage industry and to provide high-level digital level software solutions that will be useful to both small and large businesses and organizations.

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