Are you interested in learning more about the new trading platforms which have been appearing on the internet lately? Then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to review one of these new platforms on our blog: E-Platform365.

What is E-Platform365?

E-Platform365 is a new cryptocurrency exchange platform which also offers a platform for you to create your own business online. The company describes its platform as secure, decentralized and private, meaning that you will be able to invest in Bitcoin from anywhere in the world without having to worry if you are using a safe platform that will protect you from hackers and thieves.

In fact, decentralization based on peer-to-peer exchanges are a great security measure against hackers because they will not be able to attack a centralized unit which will store your money. If you use the E-Platform365, the exchange will ensure your safety while you are trading.

The company states that using Bitcoin can be a great step towards independence from banks and having problems to send money. It is the alternative that can help people fight the financial challenges which the world faces today.

The E-Platform365 uses open source technology to create a platform in which you can make financial transactions which will be stored on the blockchain. The company states that the platform was designed to make the life of many types of people, like entrepreneurs, small business owners, among other professionals easier.

The company was created in 2017 and has been growing up a lot so far with more than 13 thousand clients and a total number of more than 20 million transactions processed monthly by the company.

How Does E-Platform365 Work?

You can use the E-Platform365 to trade Bitcoin. Unfortunately, the company has still not decided to use another type of cryptocurrency, so you will have to use only Bitcoin for the time being if you are interested in using this company’s services.

As we stated, the company uses protocols to ensure your security while using the platform and that your identity will remain in secret, as it is important for many cryptocurrency users.

The company also provided page builders and platforms that the clients can use to build their own business and receive in Bitcoin. This feature will help you to be noticed online and to simplify the payments that you receive for your services.

How to Invest using E-Platform365?

E-Platform365 has different products that you can use. The cheaper ones have very basic features and the most complete ones can be somewhat expensive. All of them offer access to the platform, tutorials for using cryptocurrency and its basic features.

  • E-Platform Basic ($128 USD): BitAnex Wallets setup, personalized site, your own subdomain, multiple wallets setup.
  • E-Platform Advance ($498 USD): personalize E-platform, own domain name, social media sharing modules, SEO tools, fully customizable, vCard.
  • E-Platform Pro ($998 USD): all the features of Advance, plus Bitcoin trading, receive payments directly to your wallet, more customization.
  • E-Platform Elite ($2,498 USD): all the features of Pro and Advance, Amazon ready module, Ebay module, shopping cart, robot analytic which will analyze your data live.

The E-Platform365 Verdict

Is this a good platform? Maybe, but hardly. It advertises itself as a cryptocurrency exchange and it only sells Bitcoin, which is very limited. Also, the plans offered by this company are really very expensive. They offer something that many other sites like WordPress also offer but with cryptocurrency. You could easily use a plug-in for WordPress.

Because of this, you have to analyze this company further if you are interested and really ask yourself if this is the best deal that you can find right now or if you just rather find another cryptocurrency platform for you to invest at this moment that might suit your needs better.

The choice is yours, so you are free to decide if E-Platform365 is a good choice for you or not, but we do not recommend it. There are many other options for you. You just have to be patient and look for them somewhere else.


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