Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin Book By 11 Year Old Andrew Courey Review

On a daily basis, the mania around cryptocurrencies keeps on delivering the surprising news. The most recent case to hit the headlines is the publishing of a Bitcoin cookbook by a sixth-grader hailing from Massachusetts. The book, written using a simplistic approach understandable to young children, is currently a popular hit on the Amazon web bookstore.

Andrew Courey, a middle school pupil from Massachusetts, considers himself a Bitcoin guru. At a time when the unprecedented success of Bitcoin is creating a euphoric wave across the globe, Andrew decided to share his expertise with his peers. The young entrepreneur hopes to amass a total worth of $20 million by the time he is fourteen. Should he reach that milestone, Courey wants to follow in the footsteps of Erik Finman, another bitcoin millionaire. Erik drooped out of school, and Andrew has already agreed with his parents to do the same if he realizes his set objectives.

The book, titled “Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin,” is currently on sale on Amazon in both soft and hard copy. The paperback retails at $8.04 while the e-book is available for $2.99. A sizable majority of the book's content is sourced from YouTube videos.

In the introduction, the book explains what Bitcoin is, highlighting its history and the progress it has made to date. It also tackles the blockchain, the underlying technology behind all cryptocurrencies. Later on, it discusses bitcoin wallets, mining and Bitcoin hacks.

A lot of prospective investors have reservations concerning Bitcoin, an issue that Andrew thoroughly deliberates on. He talks about investing in Bitcoin and the risks involved, particularly the most decade, which the crashing of the digital currency. In conclusion, Courey discusses Ethereum, Bitcoin's main competitor as well as giving insights on initial coin offerings and their rising popularity.

Throughout the book, Andrew keeps it exciting and simple by using witty and relevant anecdotes. He compares the blockchain ledger to a public Google doc that every Google user can access, but only the owners of Bitcoin have editing permissions. Also, Andrew describes a virtual currency wallet as private mailbox which just a one person (the owner) has keys to. Besides the rich content, the include appendix provides links to other useful material as well as having a comprehensive glossary.

Andrew drew inspiration to publish this book form his dad, a tech investor, who always pestered him to implement what he learns at school. In an interview with CNBC, Andrew explained that while writing, he intended to simplify the complex topic in such a way that interested individuals can become experts within a day or two.

In an environment dominated by fiat money, the paradigm shift towards virtual currencies is a process that is long overdue. It does not take a genius to decipher that the crypto craze is here to stay, given the multiple benefits brought about by the underlying blockchain technology. Therefore, it is no brainer for investors to get acquainted with Bitcoin and cryptos as a whole, which is why you should get this book!

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