EarnCapitals (or simply EC for brevity’s sake) is yet another online high-yield investment program (HYIP) that claims to provide daily ROI between 2% and 2.5% on all deposits. EC says it accomplishes this by “Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities,” though it’s unlikely this is the truth.

In addition to the HYIP opportunity, EarnCapitals.com also offers members the ability to earn commission bonuses on referrals.

About EarnCapitals.com

There’s not one scrap of information on the EC website that explains who owns the company, where it’s located, or how to contact anyone that might responsible for it.

The site’s domain registration lists a “Matthew Sanders” with an incomplete address in Los Angeles, California. With such a common name, and without more specifics to go on, it’s impossible to verify this identity, leaving the ownership of the site effectively anonymous.

The only clue we do have is that EC’s Alexa site rankings list Russia, Bangladesh, and the Ukraine as the primary sources of traffic for the site. This makes it likely (but not guaranteed) that the site originates from one of these three countries.

The Product

EarnCapitals.com offers three different tiers of HYIP opportunities to investors. These three tiers and their particular terms are as follows:

  • Plan 1 – 2.0% daily ROI for 10 days, minimum $10 USD deposit, max $200 USD
  • Plan 2 – 2.3% daily ROI for 15 days, minimum $10 USD deposit, max $200 USD
  • Plan 3 – 2.5% daily ROI for 20 days, minimum $10 USD deposit, max $200 USD

EC accepts payments exclusively through the PerfectMoney payment processor.

The Opportunity

For those who are interested in maximizing their earnings potential with EarnCapitals, the company offers a referral bonus program as well. According to the EC website, anyone who recruits new investors will receive a 1% commission on that new investor’s deposited funds. This seems to be the extent of EC’s referral program.

EarnCapitals.com Conclusion

EarnCapitals is a prime example of the “not really trying” school of HYIP scam artists. While the site gets points for using English that’s not completely mangled – unlike some other HYIP sites – the website itself is laughably bare-bones and primitive.

While we’re really not all that concerned with aesthetics, it just seems odd that a company that is supposedly staffed by a bunch of bigwig high-rolling Forex investors would have a website that looks like something you would find on a Geocities server in 1999.It doesn’t do much for EC’s respectability.

This isn’t surprising, considering that HYIPs are anything but respectable. It’s an open secret that there’s no “investment activity” going on behind the scenes when it comes to these organizations. It’s just some anonymous group of people moving funds around from investors until they can’t afford to pay out to the oldest ones expecting their ROI.

HYIPs like EarnCapitals specialize in taking your money and holding onto it, then running off with it. Don’t bother investing unless you like giving someone else your money with no promise of return.

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