Earth Token

The Organic Asset Exchange blockchain system and Earth Token (ICO) market gives claims to give an exceptional opportunity to genuinely alter the Natural Capital Asset marketplace, by enabling all stakeholders to take part.

Earth Token Natural Assets

The alternatives described below function to induce requirement for Natural Assets through the company’s ecological sustainability alternatives. The technology empowers their customers to handle climate change adaptation, and produce distinguished value which helps them build brand equity & boost market share.

With supply-side partners, they have allowed organizations of all sizes to compensate for unwanted consequences on the environment resulting from their business operations.

The technology platforms and business models make it possible for customers to identify and apportion environmental effects and mitigation attempts to certain actions related to creating a product or offering a service.

Once the mechanisms and related costs are decided, their solution makes it possible for clients to distribute the burden and possibility of becoming environmentally accountable for all that would involve extending the reach and increasing the effects of these efforts across their value chain.

Earth Token’s Climate Natural Gas Alternative

The Climate Neutral Gas alternative is a turnkey approach to gas management that increases the operational efficiency of internal combustion equipment, like generators, vehicles and other resources vital to industry and business.

Combining established technologies with tracking and management capacities contributes to improved fuel efficiency, reduced fuel prices and decrease in harmful emissions associated with the combustion of gas. An incorporated mitigation mechanism also permits clients to compensate for residual emissions.

Clients normally see a net financial advantage by deploying Earth Token’s Climate Neutral Fuel alternative leading to savings that they could utilize to finance extra environmental sustainability efforts.

EarthToken’s SynGas

Waste-to-energy is the procedure of producing energy from main waste materials by making synthetic fuels from these substances and utilizing that fuel to make energy.

In combination with a strategic business partner, they supply gasification plants capable of converting carbon-containing feedstock like biomass, agricultural or municipal solid waste into synthetic gas (Syngas).

The Syngas made is a sterile, dry, flexible gas that may be burned to make electricity and heat. In addition, it can be passed via different catalysts to create fluids like alcohols and transport fuels, such as clean burning gas, or utilized to provide pure hydrogen gas that may be used across several programs in a variety of industries.

Earth Token Sale

60 percent of these tokens will be marketed openly.

The measures are for 3rd party service providers to Token Sale, Token Sale technology and logistics platform partners, founders, stakeholders, advisers, early subscribers, liquidity, and incentives for builders and providers. The emission will be: 50 percent at the time of supply, then 25 percent each 6 weeks.

Measure 1 – 40,000 ETH

Organic Asset Exchange development, installation and business financing to encourage growth and development of people platform.

Grade 2 – 200,000 ETH

Enforcement of Job and Tactical Acquisitions Investment Fund to ease job investments which create requirement for the Organic Asset Exchange.

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