Following the integration of the tool to the Wallet, it is officially possible to shift between Bitcoin core and Bitcoin Cash, all within a single platform’s interface.

Since its inception, Wallet has earned plaudits for a variety of reasons. It certainly deserves the praises granted it’s one of the seven Bitpay’s Payment Protocol invoice integration-compatible wallets. Besides, it is a sturdy, safe and trustworthy non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet where users can keep their BTC and BCH. It isn’t surprising that it has since registered over a whopping 1.7 million desktop and mobile downloads and the numbers are fast rising.

Usage Will Surely Increase With Shapeshift API

This newest development will undoubtedly increase the number of downloads. Principally, adding the new integration make Shapeshift more powerful and convenient for its users.’s wallet system isn’t there to merely serve as a tool for storing cryptocurrencies. It is meant to increase the educational resources and still serve as a tool that even benefits those in the digital currency ecosystem.

Of all the resources holds, it is the bitcoin resources that occupy the most significant share. And as its founder and CEO, Erik Voorhees explains, the integration is another first given that has for long remained the most vocal voice in the Bitcoin community.

He even expressed his enthusiasm following the integration gave the mutual benefits the decision would have. The wallet’s shifting feature will make it easy and convenient for anyone to swap these two decentralized cryptocurrencies swiftly, thus eliminating the need for an exchange.

There’s no doubt this will be a massive milestone for the Wallet, just like the belief Ver has. He says the move boosts them towards being a fully-fledged bitcoin platform with all the tools and services needed for a standard wallet.

The shifting feature that is responsible for this newly created switch is very straightforward and takes a few minutes. In fact, all a person would need to do is have BTC or BCH stored in their wallet so that they just toggle the shifting feature available in the wallet’s ‘services’ section. And this is a huge plus for those who’ve had to take the long route in the past.

This mini-exchange is just an ideal exchange, according to Ver. It is super-fast, easy and revolutionary as it needs no personal details. And he is optimistic the integration will make the wallet a bit more valuable to its users.

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