EasyMINE Beta 0.4.0 Is Out Now

Are you interested in using the new version of the EasyMINE? Read our quick guide to know how to make the most of the new update of this mining equipment.

How To Use EasyMINE Beta 0.4.0?

To use this new version of EasyMINE, the 0.4.0 update of the Beta version, you have to follow a certain number of steps to update your system (if you do not own the product, you should just install it and it will have the current version already).

First, sign into the dashboard and go to the “Rig List” option. From there, you can select what you want to update by entering the name of the equipment in “Rig Details”. Finally, you can click the cloud icon to confirm the update. Click “update” and the process will be started. The rig will reboot as soon as the update is finished.

The New Features Of EasyMINE Beta 0.40

The main new features of this version are the support for Equihash-BTG <144,5> algorithm with EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner v0.2, updated pool configurations which remove the dead servers and add new ones, updated Claymore miner to the 11.8 version with improved hash rates.

Other EasyMINE features include support for the Whalesburg Smart Pool (with auto-switching algorithm featured), added automatic BIOS memory strap optimization functionality, new GPU registration mode that will scan your local network for rigs, ability to enable and disable overclocking for cards individually and fan speed that can be modified.

Some other changes include that now it is no longer possible to delete tags when you are using them at the time and you can online remove GPUs that are unconnected and offline. Added functionalities include work order for ASIC miners, search and filters, custom tags styles, modified behavior list of devices and a new sidebar menu.

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