Just as the name suggest, the Easy Work project specializes in offering a product that is tailored to find freelancers and performers for solving business and everyday tasks. In others, here is a platform that will make hiring that gardener, typewriter, programmer or web-designer increasingly easy over the next couple of years.

Why Easy Work

Easy Work, just as any project at the epicenter of an ICO, is built on the inner workings of blockchain. Through Easy Work – via blockchain technology – both clients and performers will benefit from a platform that has been tailormade to make the otherwise cumbersome process of hiring easy, secure and efficient.


How Can I Benefit From Easy Work?

If You’re A Client

Clients have tons of benefits to enjoy by joining the Easy Work ecosystem via the upcoming ICO. For starters, the platform is optimized to give one a quick and effective search algorithm for a performer. This, therefore, implies that less time will be wasting scouring the interwebs for a suitable hire. The freed extra time can then be used or employed towards other meaningful projects and ventures.

Secondly, all professionals are expected to congregate at the Easy Work platform. In other words, in the near future there won’t be a greater gathering of professionals than there will be at Easy Work. This is the place to be if you want to land suitable performers within the shortest time possible.

Thirdly, considering the relatively huge congregation of professionals, expect that each task to be done fast and on time. Lastly, considering that all transactions will done courtesy of the secure WORK token, there will be no longer cases of loss of revenue (on the client side) as far as hiring performers go.

If You’re A Performer

Performers and tradespeople have everything to gain here. First on the list, they will have a variety of interesting and challenging tasks to choose from. Never again will anyone be caught in the rut of a dead-end job simply because you have no otherwise. Secondly, as a freelancer or tradesperson, expect nothing short of fair payments for every successful hire and work completed.

And this is courtesy of the fair and competitive remuneration policy that Easy Work is built on. Lastly, it will never be easier to pry your trade as it will be with Easy Work. Considering that the platform has massive potential of being the next biggest hiring marketplace in the planet, booking a vantage spot on the platform through this upcoming ICO is a good way to ensure that you won’t run out of business anytime soon.

How Easy Work Works

The working model is arguably as easy as the underlying methodology. And it can be summarized as follows: The artist or performer surfs the categories in search for a suitable task. After landing the assignment, they will then send an application to the customer by initiating a secure chat session. The details will then be discussed before agreeing to the terms and condition of the ensuing contract.

The contractor will then proceed to tackling the project before submitting it back for review. After the work is done, the customer will pay for the assignment through a Smart Contrack WORK compensation after confirming that everything is order. It is also vital to note that the system allows the performer an opportunity of requesting an advance payment for part of the task before proceeding.

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