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Venezuela is currently crippling with its worst humanitarian crisis and the situation is disturbing. Its citizens are seriously struggling to secure a meal a day even when no government support seems forthcoming. International relief efforts have been trying to help salvage the situation, but their efforts a lot similar to a drop of water in the bucket.

Worse yet, with the country’s annual inflation rate going beyond a saddening 3000%, it’s the poorest who are feeling the worst of this situation. The minimum monthly wage that has been stagnating at $4 is slumping as the crisis becomes dire even more. The crisis is so ravaging that the country’s currency is worth less than the value of the paper it’s printed on.

Venezuela is suffering several economic sanctions, and efforts to use the country’s Petro cryptocurrency instead of the devalued bolívar have borne no fruits.

What is EatBCH?

It is in the wake of this that a group of Venezuelans have resorted to seeking donations from among the benevolent in the crypto community. What started as a simple donation is slowly becoming a huge hit. The first act by the group was fueled by a Tippr contribution when a Redditor who calls himself PopeJohnXXII was advised by the donor to use the funds for food. He sure did and even posted photos of the food donated.

And that marked the genesis of the now-popular @EatBCH group. In a bid to cast their net deeper, the group appeals to the Bitcoin Cash community members. It amasses donations for the sake of the poor and ravaged Venezuelans, a noble effort that is slowly helping reverse the situation.

Targeting Twitter and Reddit, they post moving photos of the situation on the ground and food purchased off the donated cryptocurrency. It had so far gathered $2,400 worth of donations by last week. It’s crystal clear the initiative isn’t a scam as the Meetup occurs once per week.

This venture won’t certainly help much to counter what the Central American country is currently going through. But it paints an entirely new and compelling picture of the cryptocurrencies, particularly the good it can do in an otherwise chaotic world. Each Bitcoin Cash donation doesn’t violate the financial embargoes, but still helps.

Would You Love to Donate?

Anyone who would love to chip in can do so via Tippr Reddit bot or using @ EatBCH on Twitter and use Bitcoin Cash wallet: bitcoincash:qpkhxm73rjlt0k34hynz5amamx5ex8umzs7t08xv3x

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