Ebanker is a new crowdsale application that is considered a third-party generation exchange platform, complete with a referral system in which affiliates can earn 10% back for directly bringing in new users who pay Ethereum to join. The savings program on the platform is also promising. According to EBanker, they pay as much as 52 % interest each month, with the company also being supported by crypto and forex trading. There is a whitepaper on the website you can read for full details into the platform. And you can also buy more EBC on the company site as well.

How Does EBanker Work?

EBanker works like other investment/affiliate programs in the cryptocurrency space. They understand rely heavily on what they refer to as “fundamental analysis” to create positive results as well as passively earned profits over long term investing. They have tested arbitrage bots and forex signals that promise to deliver 2.5% daily interest on business days.

There is also a tethered savings program that is paying a tremendous amount of interest as well in the form of USDT Tether, the cryptocurrency coin that is functional on forex trading spaces. (Tether is limited to a supply of 20 million)

EBanker Top Benefits

  • They safe, secure and able to store money long term safely, easily and more effectively than other long-term investors.
  • They will have the Exchange to help support EBC that will operate with 0% trading fees.
  • There is a sharing revenue system claiming to give back as much as 50% of revenue made from the exchange to the users.

The referral system is promised to be a unique bounty program. It is complete with a three-level referral system, that pays as much as 10% for direct referrals in ETH. The experienced team is made up of investment bankers and professional traders from the forex and cryptocurrency markets with more than 72 years of combined experience. Investors will be able to make a killing by simply staking the EBC tokens within the first month for massive gains.

If you’re interested in seeing the full roadmap, you can go to and take a look at it. Although, I wouldn’t waste my time if I was you. The company is an obvious fraud, if you know what you’re looking for it’s plain and simply, very easy to see.

About EBanker ICO

There are roughly five days left of Pre-Sale in the ICO, and as of now – 1,026.90 EBC tokens have been raised, which is equivalent to roughly .96 ETH. The total supply of tokens is 98,873.10 EBC that are readily available. They are going for $0.5 USD for each token, with 1.03% of them being sold all ready.

As for the total once the real ICO starts, there is a total of 100,000.00 EBC for distribution. Unfortunately, the website is more concerned with that of the referral program which pays out 10% at the first level, 6% at the 2nd and 4% at the 3rd. In case you’re new to the arena, referral and lending ICOs are a plague that is infesting the cryptocurrency world right now.

There are countless companies, running fraudulent ICOs reminiscent of the pyramid schemes in the 80’s and 90’s. They promise low investments with high yields and little to no work or risk involved. And as far as any cryptocurrency professional will tell you, a company that is focused more on the referral system than the solution the platform is providing, is likely a scam.

Who Is Behind EBanker?

Like all Ponzi based Cryptocurrency platforms on the market, EBanker has no information on the team. They talk about their ICO, staking, lending, and the referral program. Other than those focuses, they give little to no information on the integrity of the platform. There is also no information on the location of the company headquarters. Both of these are bad signs of a crumby startup.

EBanker In Conclusion

The company shows a complete and total lack of transparency and honesty. They hide their identities and make claims of ridiculous ROIs with no evidence to back up their claims. I advise all investors, new or veterans to stay away from EBanker if you like to keep your money.


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