Our existing system of buying and selling agreements has a lot to desire. The involvement of the human factor can often lead to a lot of questions as to whether there was any interference by any manipulator. It is straightforward to understand this concept as an investor only inject their finances into the stock market and just speculate to what is going on behind the electronic market system.

However, thanks to the blockchain technology we now can understand how the trade matching takes place and how the consequences of your trading account came to be after the deals ended. The transparent and secure nature of blockchain and in particular Ethereum could help create a stock market for our assignments. One such venture is on course to establish a platform with a similar concept to trading on the blockchain.

What Is Ecex.Exchange?

Ecex is an Ethereum based decentralized exchange that will provide its users with a variety of features to facilitate possible investments of different types such as buying and selling of insurance contracts and assignments. The exchange will represent a broader ecosystem that comprises of an ERC20 token to fuel the trading and transactions. The platform will entrust the viability and transparency of blockchain to ensure there is a connection between investors with the obligations and their assignees.

How Ecex.Exchange Ziggurat CryptocurrencyWorks

Ecex.Exchange will work through its cryptocurrency, Ziggurat. Their concept is to create a sort of market environment with a dynamic commercial platform with a system made of assignments contracts. These features will allow for the exchange of a variety of documents such as requests, consignments or factoring agreements. Each of the systems will function more like a stock exchange but allow for the interchanging of records until the publishing or payment day. For the users purchasing the agreements using the Ziggurat token will have to pay the settlement in full before it is written off. However, the contracts can be removed or canceled when it reaches the expiration date or after the realization of the agreed arrangements.

Ecex.Exchange ZIG Pros

With our current receivables markets running on human trading, Ziggurat will offer an entirely decentralized and real-time assignments exchange through Ecex.Exchange. With that here is how an investor is set to gain from the revolutionary technology.

  • Efficient payments – the transaction for the trading, claims, receiving portfolio accounts or insurance contracts will immediately through the self-executing smart contracts.
  • Right claims- users have the opportunity to trade in allegations and exercise their requirements regarding each request
  • Profits distribution- Ziggurat investors will get a profit of up to 20% from the platform's proceeds.
  • Convenience- the use of its cryptocurrency ensure no need for Ecex Exchange to improvise the partnership with third parties. The Ziggurat cryptocurrency will fuel the ecosystem plus facilitate internet payments within the exchange.

Ecex.Exchange ZIG ICO Details

The ICO is going on now through April 20th. You can purchase the ZIG token using ETH, BTC, LTE, BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Ecex.Exchange Conclusion

Many factors would go into concluding such a project. While it does have the eagerness and zeal to make their product work, I still concur that their roadmap is a bit ambitious for a new project yet to fully initialize. I would also indicate that the price is too high for the average investor to get a hold-off and inject in such a venture. All-in-all, the technical part of the project is showing positive signs with the social scene also witnessing an increase in popularity of the Ziggurat token.

For those interested in trading assignments on the blockchain such a project would be of much interest. However, for novices, it is a somewhat complicated venture to get into and understand. As such it is always better to be safe than sorry when losing your investment.

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