Those who have an electric vehicle may find it difficult to find charging stations and to always have the funds on hand to ensure that their vehicle is at full charge capacity. Rather than find oneself in an unfavorable situation, it may be time to find a new charging station solution and better and more innovative ways to pay as well. With the right platform, individuals can safeguard that their vehicle is in the best condition possible.

With that, this review would like to introduce Echarge, which is also in its Pre ICO stage for those who are looking to collect tokens as well.

What Is eCharge?

Echarge is a new platform that is developing a wide network of charging station options throughout the United States. The company provides e-charging stations for free and is most commonly located around hotels and high-traffic places. According to the platform, those who are interested in charging their electric vehicles can do so without having to search extensively for charging stations, the bookings are transparent, and they are convenient and without wait-times as well. This type of system enables individuals to charge their vehicles in a quicker and better manner.

eCharge ECH ICO Token

Another great feature of this platform is that it has tokens available. The tokens are a digital currency that enables individuals to use a platform in a rapid and streamlined manner and to get the benefit of the platform as well. In addition, the tokens give individuals the opportunity to receive block validation through the blockchain and to reduce the amount of spam that takes place during a transaction. The tokens can be purchased through the brand’s website. Those who register now will get a 30% bonus, according to the brand’s website. One Echarge token is equal to one Euro at ETH.

eCharge Electric Car Recharging Station Benefits

There are many benefits to be had when one purchases Echarge tokens and taps into the power of the platform as well. Here are the main advantages of this system so that individuals know what to look forward to:

  • An optimal interface configuration that features hotel infrastructure that lists all charging stations
  • The charging stations are currently available in the DACH region
  • Special rates are offered for hotels in the eCharge community
  • Booking hotel rooms where eCharge stations are location is affordable and may come with a special discount for members
  • Activating the eCharge process via QR code scans is simple and quick
  • A great solution for individuals with electric vehicle
  • Kilowatt-hours and an eCurrency wallet is available on the platform

Clearly, there are many great features of this platform that individuals can tap into. With this system, individuals may get the full support that they need to charge their vehicle without hassle and with the convenience of a token as well.

eCharge Summary

Overall, eCharge is a unique, interesting, and quality platform that is currently offering tokens on its website. To learn more about the platform and to get started, just visit the brand’s website today.


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