About e-Chat

On October 16th, a Hong Kong firm announced their creation of a decentralized multi-task eChat messenger, and also signaled the beginning of their pre-ICO.

Right now, e-Chat is currently a functioning program, the potential audience of that accounts for more than 3 billion people The market already has a high number of instant messengers, but e-Chat includes a variety of benefits which makes it truly unique.

What are the benefits of e-Chat?

Now we can observe that in the request of a country’s government, messenger platforms decide what information can or can't be exchanged. And even if the provider refuses to provide this data, they can always be obtained using force, because all your content and correspondence on social networks have been saved on physical storage media (servers) under the control of a specific nation.

Decentralization claims to be a remedy to this problem. As the programmers state, e-Chat supplies a unique protection system for its users. To be able to apply it, they used technologies like IPFS, P2P, and blockchain. E-Chat was made in such a way that even if entire nations or continents are cut away from the Internet, the system will continue to work.

Multi-Currency wallet

All of us observed the way the cryptocurrency market increased more than 7 times from $12 billion up to $90 billion annually, although the mobile payments market in 2017 equates to $780,000,000,000 which shows their relevance for a contemporary messenger. With the support of e-Chat users can make immediate transactions to your pals, pay for online and offline services, as well as payment for the services from the inner messenger ecosystem.

One of the significant elements in the marketing of products is the involvement of opinion leaders. In this regard, e-Chat has a strong prospect of succeeding. In addition to all the aforementioned functions, an instant messenger using a function of decentralized social media is built into the messenger. To monetize your content, bloggers do not need to resort to the support of advertisers.

According to the developers, in a year the number of messages sent in e-Chat will amount to 1 billion per day. Right now, the experienced staff is working on enhancing e-Chat (in the present time you may download functioning versions of this application for iOS and Android). Additionally, the team received permits to use the application in China, which lets them access one of the largest application markets in the world.

eChat Summary

The developers assert that within six months the application will reach 1,000,000 installments and 100,000,000 messages each day. This should significantly increase the purchase price of this ECHT token. During the pre-ICO interval, the token cost is placed at the amount of 0.7.

If the application is successful in growing in terms of downloads and user engagement, one could see the price of the Echat tokens increase exponentially.

More details about EChat can be read on the company’s website, including how to get started with their system.


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