Many investment companies are using the cryptocurrency market to create new opportunities for investment. Today we will review one of the companies, eCoin Fund.

What Is eCoin.Fund?

eCoin Fund is an investment company which uses cryptocurrencies as assets. This company only deals with cryptocurrency and blockchain investments and it offers a 5% monthly distribution of its profits based on the investments until all the users have their investment repaid. After that, all the profits will be distributed 80/20 for the duration of a three year agreement.

This company was founded in Atherton, California, which is based in the Silicon Valley. It uses a combination of classic venture capital investment and hedge fund structures to work and, together with money made from exploring the cryptocurrency market, it intends to be able to get a lot of profit.

eCoin Fund has taken the idea of high risk with higher rewards from the trading methodology and ensured that the investors will be able to invest without having such risks as they normally would in a type of investment like this one.

How Does eCoin.Fund Cryptocurrency Investment Fund Work?

Basically, you wire money to the company and it will use trading strategies to make this money grow and you become richer. The company will first pay you your money back and then it will pay you the profit later as soon as all your money is paid (which will last 20 months, leaving 16 months for profit). The investment plan of eCoin Fund is set to last 3 years.

This company is focused in acquiring a wide range of cryptocurrency assets so it will be able to create a safe way for the investors to get their money back at the end of the three year contract (but if the company does not get profit, the investors will also not get it).

How To Invest In eCoin.Fund?

Did you like the idea of investing in eCoin Fund? If you want to invest in this company, you have to follow a certain number of steps. We will describe them now.

First, use the links on the site to sign the Investment Agreement, which will protect the company (and you, but that is not why it exists). Read the document carefully and use DocuSign to automate the process. The next step is to provide your personal and banking information (the information will be confidential, so don’t worry).

After you have done this, you have 14 days to wire the money that you wish to invest directly to the company. If you do not do this on time, you will have to repeat the process. The company will send you an email whenever it receives the wire transfer. After you done that, you can collect your dividends from investing in the company monthly.

Be assured of one point, though. eCoin Fund clearly states that it will not be responsible if it does not give your funds back because it lost all of its money or something like this. The company is very clear on the fact that this investment has a level of risk associated with it.

eCoin.Fund Verdict

Is the eCoin Fund a good investment? It is hard to be completely sure. On one side, the company does look concerned about how to make a good investment plan, but on the other hand, its site is not very good and it clearly states that if the company mismanage your assets and lose money, you will also lose it because this market is volatile and dangerous.

As there is almost no information about the creators of this company, it is hard for us to be really sure whether the eCoin Fund is the right choice for you or not. This might be an interesting company, about that we agree, but there may be risks involved in investing in the eCoin Fund right now.

Because of this, you should take your time and contact the company with any doubts that you have in case that you actually have doubts. Remember to be always careful when investing and you will always be sure to get a great return on investment for your money.


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