ECoinmerce ECN ICO Review

Ecoinmerce is a decentralized marketplace that aims to create secure, blockchain-based shopping. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Ecoinmerce?

Ecoinmerce, found online at, is a decentralized marketplace built on blockchain. The platform sees itself as the NASDAQ of e-commerce businesses because any store can issue their own token and run an ICO on Ecoinmerce. In other words, loyal shoppers can become investors in their favorite retailers.

Ecoinmerce aims to reduce the overhead expenses of retail outlets. By lowering retail expenses, Ecoinmerce can help consumers save up to 80%. Stores on the Ecoinmerce platform are digital assets that are 100% owned by the retailer.

Ecoinmerce announced itself in early February 2018. The company has not yet issued a whitepaper, and there’s limited information about the platform available online overall. However, we know that Ecoinmerce aims to create a unique, decentralized marketplace for shoppers and retailers worldwide.

How Does Ecoinmerce Work?

Ecoinmerce lets anyone run their own shop, with each shop being a digital asset with ownership recorded on the blockchain. Ownership can be sold, transferred, or sublet. Meanwhile, store owners have full control over their brand.

As a seller, you’ll pay transaction fees as low as 0.1%. Ecoinmerce also emphasizes fully transparent platform rules with no risk of doing business. Plus, retailers can easily integrate Ecoinmerce with existing customer incentive programs.

You can also create a new customer incentive program with Ecoinmerce. As mentioned above, Ecoinmerce sees itself as “the NASDAQ of ecommerce”, where any store or brand can start an ICO to raise money, then sell coins as easily as they sell any retail products. Shoppers can become investors in their favorite companies.

Consumers, meanwhile, are encouraged to participate in the platform to buy discounted products. Customers can pay up to 80% off market price. Users can also purchase items as a group to enjoy higher discounts. There are also daily deals and peer-to-peer auctions.

As a shopper, you can also share deals with friends to split rewards. Or, earn coins by helping users. You can also write reviews to earn coins.

Ecoinmerce also has an “influencer” mechanism, where users can share and review products to their followers, then earn money when folloers purchase a product. You can share ownership and share product profit with store owners. You can choose to share the profit from all goods sold. Or, start your own store and sell your brand to your followers.

Finally, there’s a peer-to-peer lending system built into the platform. Users can lend to other users with no middleman required.

Smart contracts manage the terms of the lending agreement, including the duration and interest rate.

How Do ECoinmerce ECN ICO Tokens Work?

ECN tokens are digital tokens designed for use on the Ecoinmerce marketplace. You can pay for goods, services, and assets using ECN. You can also tip people, or buy and sell digital assets. A token sale for ECoinmerce ECN tokens is expected to take place sometime in 2018. However, no further details about the ICO have been announced thus far.

Who’s Behind Ecoinmerce?

Ecoinmerce is led by co-founders Eric Anderson and Ping Ji. Eric is an entrepreneur with experience running companies in Europe, Hong Kong, China, North and South America, and other parts of the world. Ping Ji, on the other hand, previously worked for high tech companies as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The concept for Ecoinmerce was developed in June 2017. The mainnet for Ecoinmerce is scheduled to launch in March 2019. The company appears to be based in Singapore. They announced themselves to the world with a press release on February 8, 2018.

Overall, the company describes its team as a group of “e-commerce, supply chain and product development veterans.”

ECoinmerce ECN ICO Conclusion

Ecoinmerce is a decentralized marketplace where retailers can enjoy fees as low as 0.1%. The platform also allows retailers launch their own ICOs to raise money.

The ICO for Ecoinmerce is scheduled to take place sometime in early 2018. However, the company only announced itself to the world on February 8, 2018. Meanwhile, the Ecoinmerce mainnet isn’t scheduled to launch until March 2019 – so we’re a long way away from Ecoinmerce accepting new users.

To learn more about Ecoinmerce and how it works, visit online today at However, as of February, there’s limited information about the platform available online – there’s no whitepaper, for example, and no details about the upcoming ICO.

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