Ever since the development of blockchain technology and digital assets innovative business models have emerged on the internet.

Ecomi is aiming to utilize blockchain technology in three primary areas.

These primary areas are the protection of the private keys, having a real-world currency payment and also incorporating a more exciting world of the cryptocurrency collectibles. If it sounds like this is something interesting, then read on as we find out more.

About The Ecomi Platform

The Ecomi platform is an App that allows you to easily access all the features the platform can provide, services and products available.

The company has ensured and designed the app in a manner it will be a cross-platform application accessible either on your smartphone, desktop and some of the selected browsers as an extension. On top of this Ecomi is expected to release about four products into their ecosystem, and this will be across a number of areas.

Some of the products include storage, ownership, protection spending and the most important your privacy. For some companies, they might think launch four products at once to be ambitious, but Ecomi is in a position to streamline the development process, this is by leveraging on the existing technologies and also getting on numerous partnerships.

Ecomi Platform Products

The secure wallet: It is the foundation of the company system; a secure wallet is private key hardware and a cryptocurrency device that has been designed to ensure the protection of your digital assets. All this is made possible via the convenient credit card sized design.

Ecomi One: Consider this as your credit sized bank, one that has been built on top of the secure wallet, one that will be responsible for holding your fiat, cryptocurrencies, and the NFC enabled edit, loyalty cards, and credit.

The Ecomi Collect: It is a new type of digital asset that has been designed in the form of Non-Fungible Token. It will allow digital collectibles and art to exist securely on the internet with a recorded ownership offering you the best protection.

Ecomi Vault: The vault is able to connect you with the benefits the decentralized storage this is the cryptography that is able to offer you optimum protected access and also the ability to allow you to store and even share your data and intellectual property most securely.

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