Econan claims to be the first industry of clean-tech and cryptocurrencies for ecological projects around the world. Investors will be able to support green business projects that create high value commodities.

The ENAN token is the first on the blockchain that is derived from an alloy made from toxic waste and steel dust. This token could then prove to be a profitable investment for with a high degree of transparency, performance, and security.

ENAN Token

The ecoNAN token (ENAN) will be issued to the Waves Platform Blockchain. ENAN tokens will be issued the minute the crowdfunding campaign goes live. 50,000,000 issued starting from the crowdfunding final date. The eco-NAN is a token which worth is connected to the commodity generated which is referred to as “eco-alloy”: 1 eco-NAN = USD 1.16 = minimal value of 1 Kg of eco-alloy. This attribute causes it to be less vulnerable to the high volatility that characterizes the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Distribution of the Econan Tokens

Total ecoNAN emission (50,000,000 tokens) will be accessible in the moment that the ICO is launched. The offer contains a discount for Pre-ICO buyers, also announced on the Synergie Group web site, as follows:

  • 2,000,000 eco-NAN is going to be earmarked for pre-ICO buyers.
  • The eco-NAN Tokens will be available for buying on Waves platform at USD, EURO, ETH, BTC, LTC, WAVES, DASH, BCH, ETC, MONERO.
  • Eco-NAN cryptocurrency holders may have the right to convert eco-NAN into shares of the first recycling and processing centers after a predetermined period of time which will be announced via all interactive channels.
  • Synergie Group will allocate up to 40% of the recycling center company stocks to investors.
  • The minimal investment in stocks will be set at $1000.
  • The conditions for the conversion of eco-NAN into shares will be declared on Synergie Group's internet website.
  • This option will probably be subject to modification or complete omission based on legislation and regulations effective in the scheduled time of availability.

Exchange of eco-Nan for Business Shares

After business audit, anyone can apply to swap his/her eco-NAN token for shares in the Recycling Center company. The cost of stocks will be determined through an independent audit. The minimum foreign exchange number is 1,000 USD. They will also reward the pre-ICO and

top 10 Loaded List investors by giving special terms to them should they choose to exercise this choice. This choice will probably be subject to modification or complete omission based on laws and regulations effective in the scheduled time of accessibility.

Benefits of the Econan Platform

The benefits of this platform are many but worth mentioning are the one's which stand out the most. Within the Lite Client, they have the choice to issue their own token, trade tokens in a decentralized way (peer to peer trading whereas capital stays in the wallet) or lease $WAVES so as to gain rewards. Lastly, Waves platform is set to implement Next Generation (Waves NG) protocol which will unlock is true its true capacity and give rise to mass adoption.

About the Synergie Group

Ambition without management has turned out to lead many astray.

To guard against this result, the oversight in Synergie Group is based on the principle which we should strive to positively impact the surroundings in as many ways and as often as possible. This may lead to a positive outcome for both investors as well as the environment.


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