edeXa Review: Blockchain as a Service for Business Supply Chains?

EDEXA is a high-tech company that offers business solutions on the blockchain. EDEXA works in conjunction with universities and reputable partner companies to develop blockchain-based solutions and services.

The company is currently appealing to the members of the public to grab the presale opportunity, buy shares, and becomes members of the EDEXA community. The presale has been extended for a period of 14 hours from the time of writing.

EDEXA has a team of experienced employees as well as an international footprint. Created from the original successful io-market AG from Liechtenstein, EDEXA delivers blockchain-based solutions and services that will redefine the existing supply chain processes.

EDEXA Solutions

EDEXA offers its solutions as “blockchain-as-a-service” and targeted at companies to integrate easily into their existing business processes.

By combining the two technologies, the supply chain technology of io-market together with the innovative technology of Hyperledger blockchain, new approaches will arise in business processes. Eventually, this will lead to high automation, improved transparency, and more importantly, improved security.

With the new dimension of business blockchain, EDEXA brings the blockchain technology to the doorposts of innovative companies. To achieve this goal, EDEXA has come up with its own “Consortium Blockchain,” which comprises several “member companies.”

The member companies also have the opportunity to create “Private Blockchains” for their internal processes. They can also utilize EDEXA’s Consortium Blockchain for their cross-company processes. In the end, companies can automate their internal as well as cross-company processes through smart contracts.

EDEXA Security Token

EDEXA wants to strengthen the trust of business partners and investors in their token sake. For that reason, EDEXA has developed an innovative security token that delivers real equity shares for investors. The team behind EDEXA decided on a non-voting share security token. After consultation and analysis with their legal team, they submitted the required documents to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

The FMA so far confirmed that both the business model and the token structure are not subject to authorization or any obligation to produce a prospectus. EDEXA team strives to implement a modern and innovative way of corporate financing. They want their investors to enjoy more security.

Why Choose EDEXA?

Security token

Their security token is a real alternative to common shares, which offers various advantages for investors. EDEXA will offer a regular dividend and trading place aimed at further increasing the value of the token.

Huge market potential

EDEXA helps companies to realize huge optimization gains in their supply chain. Investors can save up to 70 percent of the cost in procurement alone. This is because they will implement automated processes that are more efficient than the traditional paper-based processes, which are both time-consuming and error-prone.

Transparency and security

EDEXA processes are designed in such a way that a company must retain all its secret data. That is the platform offers a private blockchain that only the business owner and business partners can access. In the end, the companies benefit from the particularly high transparency and efficiency of the business blockchain that EDEXA provides.

Off-chain storage

The classic blockchain provides users with too little storage space for business transactions. EDEXA combines innovative off-chain storage solutions with the transparency and security of the blockchain. Therefore, all data remains securely protected and owners are still able to retrieve the information at lightning-fast speed.

Other advantages of the EDEXA platform include long market experience as well as a marketplace and a community.

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