Edge Wallet Adds Bitcoin Cash BCH Along With Multi-Crypto Assets

This year (2018) could be a defining moment for digital wallets in the crypto space. With more people concerned about the security of their digital assets, a lot is happening as far as cryptocurrency wallet goes. To begin with, Bitcoin.com wallet will soon reach 2 million downloads after its integration with Shapeshift. And more recently, the San Diego-based company Edge, launched its wallet with claims of “a private, secure, open-source, and easy to use multi-asset wallet.”

Edge Releases A Live Digital Wallet

According to Edge CEO Paul Puey, who announced the release, “After over a year of intense development and over three months in a limited release beta, our highly anticipated multi-asset wallet is now available for all to use.”

For most bitcoin enthusiasts, Edge resembles Airbitz, a popular digital wallet that doubles up as a bitcoin directory. Airbitz was launched in 2014 and one year down the road, the company had “packaged up the tools that make the Airbitz wallet awesome into a software development kit (SDK) that developers could use for their own applications. Our ‘Edge Security’ SDK has been integrated into top-tier blockchain projects such as Augur, Wings, and Openledger.”

With the SDK reliance in place, the company focused more on security and by Fall 2017, it declared the name and emphasis change.

The Brain Behind Edge Wallet

Mr. Puey is voice of authority within the crypto space, being an investor and a top speaker at global cryptocurrency conferences. Every person in the crypto space recognizes the value of digital wallets and Mr. Puey views Edge wallet as a vessel that will simplify user experience and help maintain security. User holdings usually run to thousands of dollars or fiat money, which makes the storage platform a very important concern.

The cost of not having a proper security is high, as can seen in the recent examples of Parity, Nicehash, and Coincheck.

“Edge is an integration of three core offerings: a hyper-secure and private personal vault, a friendly usable interface for blockchain networks and services, and a single sign-on solution for decentralized applications,” Mr. Puey emphasizes.

Edge Wallet Adds BCH Along With Multi-Crypto Assets

Against that backdrop, Airbitz/Edge maintains an excellent security record. Edge seeks to have a local support for various cryptocurrencies including bitcoin cash, ether, wing tokens, bitcoin core, dash, augur REP, and Litecoin.

“We’re also the only multi-asset mobile wallet that allows users to manually add ERC-20 tokens that we don’t natively support,” together with “support for Segregated Witness (SegWit) transactions for both Bitcoin and Litecoin,” something that bitcoin supporters have been yearning for.

In addition, and similar to Bitcoin.com wallet, Edge includes “tightly integrated support for Shapeshift! This will allow users to seamlessly convert funds between the various digital assets and tokens we support.”

Interesting Roadmap

Edge’s roadmap includes integrating some of the very user-friendly features of Airbitz wallet “such as fiat exchanges and mobile top-ups.” The company now banks on Edge, that “a hypothetical user with no digital asset of any kind will be able to download our application for free on iOS or Android, exchange their fiat for Bitcoin, Shapeshift their Bitcoin into Ether and Augur REP, and finally use our wallet to log into our Augur—a decentralized application. Within Augur, the user will see and transact with the same Ether and REP that they hold in their Edge Wallet,” for instance.

Edge Conclusion

With all these features in place, the digital wallet is advancing and decentralization is getting better.

Which digital wallet are you using? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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