Edgecoin is an e-learning token that’s fully decentralized and built on Ethereum, one of the most secure blockchain technologies. Its introduction is intended to disrupt the education system and revolutionize it through the usage of smart contracts. In order to understand what the token is all about and its use, we are going to dig deeper into the coin and learn about it and of course what it means to the future of the education industry.

Edgecoin ICO

In order to shape the future of education and make it fully decentralized and transparent, Edgecoin went into the pre ICO on November 6 through December 6. The token supply was 100,000,000, with the rate being 5,000 EST to 1 ETH.

The creators of Edgecoin intent to take the digital token back to the main ICO on January in order to collect more funds to help drive the idea. Here are details of the ICO:

  • Start: January 6 at 8 PM UTC
  • Project Protocol: Ethereum ERC20
  • Accepted Cryptocurrency: Ethereum
  • Minimum Invest: 0.1 ETH
  • ICO Supply: 40,000,000 EST
  • Token Rate/Ethereum: 1ETH = 5,000 EST

Since Edge coin is an ERC20 token, all Ethereum compatible wallets can be used to receive, send or store the Edgecoin.

Intended Use Of Revenue

Upon getting investor funds on ICO, the creators of the coin have a clear and concise plan to use the funds to ensure their venture succeeds. These include:

  • 20% – legal efforts when navigating regulations
  • 30% – advertising efforts for more adoption and usage
  • 20% – bring the operation of the Edge platform to life, including proprieties linked to it
  • 30% – developing the Edgecoin infrastructure.

Usage Of The Edge Platform

The Edgecoin will be used in a number of ways with the aim of disrupting the dusty, old education system and bring it to the new world of decentralized platforms. The uses of the platform and the coin will include:

  • Allow users to use it to make payments on major e-learning platforms for content consumed
  • Let users obtain valid and encrypted certificates, which will be done in one process via smart contracts
  • Benefit institutions to finally do away with heavy documented certification. Edgecoin technology will help digitalize the process, allowing the institutions to remain organized.
  • Allows students to easily manage their career and academic developments

Is Edgecoin The Future Of The Education Sector?

Looking at the uses of the Edgecoin, there’s a good chance that it will likely disrupt education, bringing the industry on the blockchain technology. This is a much-needed change, especially now that most industries are adopting blockchain technology. In the near future, the platform will allow institutions to put the entire academic qualifications, job records, certificates and skills into a single code to be used globally. This will mean more transparency, trust and of course cost-efficient.

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  1. Edgecoin has a completely new whitepaper and added many experts as advisor.
    Especially noteworthy is Dr. Andrej Voronkov who already led many succesful ICO projects and Co-Founder of SONM!

    The whitepaper v1.0


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